Valentine's Day Cutout Card

Valentine's Day Cutout Card

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Make a super Valentine's Day Card

Valentine's Day Cutout Card

View through to the inside!

Wow mom - or someone else with this easy but elegant Valentine's Day Cards.

It's easier than it looks!

The inside page of the card appears through the cutout on the cover. The cutting lines for the cover are on the inside, giving you a clean cover!

Little coloring needed. PLEASE follow the cutting instructions.

Decorate the blank heart card for mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles or other loved ones.

Simply great!

Grades: 2 through 5th grade

Valentine's Day Cards to make

John 13:34, John 15:9

Copy of preferred activity page for each student
Markers or crayons

Print enough copies. Make a sample before class.

How to make all of these Valentine's Day cards

1. Cut out the card rectangle on the heavy line.

2. Color the right side of the card now and write your name in the lower right. If you color the heart, use a light color so you can add a message over the color. Otherwise do not color in the heart and just write a message in it.


3. Fold the front cover back on the dashed line as shown.







4. Slowly and carefully cut in from the fold. For the bottom and top cutouts, cut until you reach the POINT. Stop! Pull back the scissors and start cutting the other line into the point. Do not tear if the cuts did not cross. Cut at the point again. PLEASE do it slowly. Please tell the children NOT TO TURN THE SCISSORS AT THE POINT - PULL THEM BACK.

Teacher: This is not much for kids to have to do to get good results, so encourage that they do take time to slowly and carefully do the cutting.

The cutting lines are on the inside front cover of the card so they will not show on the front of the card.


5. Open the fold carefully.


6. Fold on the center dashed line only to set its position, and then unfold it back from the other side. The cutout is the card front.