Toddler and Preschool Poinsettia

Toddler and Preschool Poinsettia

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Children's Christmas Lesson: the Poinsettia

Toddler and Preschool Poinsettia

Colored Pointsettia and Poinsettia to color and cut

There's a famous little story of the Poinsettia or Pointsettia and fun facts about this Christmas flower on our Pointsettia Information page.

Learn about shapes - the circle

Learn about colors - red

Learn to cut - the big circle Yes, older 2's can learn to cut safely

Learn about Christmas

The correct way to spell this Christmas flower is Poinsettia but a popular alternative is Pointsettia

Toddler two's and Preschool 3's or young 4's

New Testament - Related to the Christmas Story, but not in the Bible.

Copy of either colored or uncolored circle Poinsettia
Beginner safe Scissors
Center fun material - either glitter, cotton balls, sequins, or any other similar materials you have.
Crayons if you choose the uncolored version and wish to use this as a Christmas coloring page too.

Color print activity pages


Learn about shapes - the circle
1. Have the children identify and trace with their finger the outline of the big circle.
2. Have the children find the small circle and trace it with their finger.
3. Tell them not to color in the small circle - we'll do something special there!

Learn about colors - red - and coloring.
Have the children choose red or nearly red crayons from a container or the table. If you don't have enough red crayons, you can show them the picture on our pointsettia page and have them choose pink or similar color they can identify. If you have only a few of this family of colored crayons, have one or 2 of the children do the cutting first. This way they can share the crayons, and you will have fewer children using scissors at one time. The lines are not straight or smooth in the flower. This helps the children who can't color well yet. We don't believe you have to color in the lines, but that's your call.

Learn to cut - the big circle
You should have no more than 3 children per older supervisor when learning to use scissors. So the tradeoff of some children coloring first will be helpful.The children only cut the large circle! Remember to have the children re-trace the circle with their finger before starting to cut. This reinforces where they should cut.

Be sure to read an apply our rules, tips and information on children using scissors.

Learn about Christmas
Printed on the circle are 2 clues about this Christmas coloring page for preschoolers.

The circle reminds us about God. Why? Because it has no beginning and no end, it just keeps going.

The Christmas Flower is about a special gift for Jesus that you can find about in our Poinsettia Information page linked at the top of this page.