The Things We See at Christmas

The Things We See at Christmas

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Little Kids Guide Book to Christmas Symbols

Teacher Resource for Christmas Symbols

The Things We See at Christmas

Why do we have candy canes at Christmas?
Why do we see angels at Christmas?
Why do we see........ at Christmas?

Here's a little 15 page book in 2 versions - one for preschool 3 and 4 year olds, and one for kindergarteners and first graders. As with all our other crafts and activities, this is a free book for teachers, home-schoolers and parents to read and teach young children.

For these young children we show and tell about many signs and symbols of christmas and relate them all to the Christian Christmas as opposed to the secular Christmas that is ever growing as a popular celebration, but devoid of meaning.


Preschool version for Three and 4 year olds
Standard version for Kindergarten and first graders

Sunday School Kids Christmas Book of Symbols

Copy of the book

A good option, but not necessary, would be to have some or all small examples of the real objects discussed in this book.

Choose from the regular or preschool version.

The things we see at Christmas as adults are quite familiar. We have seen them every year of our lives. We accept these things despite conflicting and contested claims about the history and origin of their use during the holiday season.

Small children also accept the things they see, but may not know why they appear at Christmas , nor their special meaning. They need explanations they can understand to relate these things to the Christian story we hold so dear.

For very young children, read only a few pages at a sitting. The next time you pick up the book again, review first – ask questions about the pages you have already read. Kibitz and remind them about what has already been read and read a few more new pages.

Staple or punch the pages as you like.

This book for adults to share with little people is designed to help children relate the things we see at Christmas with the wonderful birth of Jesus and the celebration of Christmas.

Preschool version: In some cases text has been omitted from the standard version.
Some other pages show you where you could stop reading depending on the maturity of your preschoolers.
You will see a note in <brackets>, but the choice is yours.

If you have any of the objects discussed in the book actually in your room, you could play "I Spy with my Little eye..." to find a thing you have read about as you finish a page.