The Road To Easter

The Road To Easter

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The Road To Easter


You can choose 2 ways to do the blank space version:

Either 1. The children can cut out the squares below and glue them in the proper order from 1 to 11 on the road


2. The children can write (small) the answers in the road pavers (instead of cutting out the squares.) Older children may prefer this option. See special instructions below for putting pictures in the road.

Older kids can lookup the Bible look-up clue version:

Cut apart the answer squares to cover the Bible verses after you have looked them up!


If you cut out the lower squares (phrase squares):

1. Cut the 3 rows of squares across

2. Then cut the individual squares.

3. Layout the squares on the table and decide the right order for them. (if you are using the Bible look-up gameboard, lookup the verses.)

4. When you are satisfied you are correct, you can make it easier for yourself to lighlty pencil in the sequence number in a corner of the phrase squares

5. Glue the phrase squares on the road in the right order starting with square #1.(What happened first)

If you do not cut out the lower squares (phrase squares)

1. Determine from the squares the sequence of things that happened during holy week. You might lightly pencil a sequence number in the corner of each box. (What happened first? )

2. When you are satisfied you are correct, you can write in the road pavers. Where there is a picture in the box, you may draw the picture on the road in its proper sequence instead of writing it out. You can even make-up your own picture or symbol for the the words.

More Fun:

SMALL GROUP ACTIVITY: Ask the class for opinions of which event occurred first. Have one student look it up. Glue the appropriate block on #1. Ask the class for opinions, discussion of event #2. Have a different student look it up. Glue the correct block over the #2 space. Continue to Easter.

EXTEND THE ACTIVITY: Memorize the short phrases in order! Your class will be way out in front as Bible knowledge stars!