The J.E.D.I.

The J.E.D.I.

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The J.E.D.I. Pronounced jed-eye

Old Testament


The kids will recognize the word JEDI -- especially the boys. Exciting poster is a learning tool for the major prophets.

***Print and copy enough black and white posters for the class to color their own poster
Print one for your bulletin board and discussion.

Fun way to Learn the JEDI - Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Isaiah - add more along the side if you want to!

1 copy of the Prophets poster for each student***
Markers or color printer

Print enough copies of The Prophets poster for each child

If you print the black and white version:
1. Cut out on the outline
2. Color

3. Add your name along the side.

4. Attach/Glue a blank sheet to the bottom of the poster and add as many prophets as you like.

5. Use the J.E.D.I . to learn the names of these top 4 Prophets!

Who is J?
Who is E?
Who is D?
Who is I?

6. Say them all!