The Thankful Sunflower

The Thankful Sunflower

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Children's Bible Lesson Support for Thanking God: Sunflower Craft

Thanksgiving Sunflower - We Thank God

Big, sturdy, colorful Thanksgiving table center decoration to show thankfulness throughout the meal. Or really spectacular on the refrigerator! This is an easy craft.

Blank petals give the children an opportunity to think about what they are thankful for and add them to the colorful fall sunflower. The petals are NOT all the same, so cutting mistakes will not matter a bit!

Since the sunflower has blank petals, it is also adaptable to short Bible verses and other prhases.

Psa 107:8, 1Ch 16:4, 1Ch 29:13, Col 1:3

Preschool and primary grades craft:
Grades: K and grades 1-3 Minimum cutting skills needed
(Preschool 3-P4 if teacher helps with words or minimize to be only We Thank God)

Thankfulness Sunday School Craft

Copies of the activity Page for each student
Dark colored Marker
Clear tape

Print or print and copy activity page using color printer or color copier. (Printing in black and white will require coloring the petals -- see special instructions)

1. Cut out everything on the page (There is no particular order)
2. Put your name on the back of the flower center.
3. TEACHERS CHOICE: Older children can lay out the petals and print one word on each petal in the order they will be put onto the center. SOME WORDS MAY BE UP-SIDE-DOWN and that's OK. -- OR they can add words later when the flower is all together and dry.
4. Turn the flower center face-up.
- You can glue on one petal at a time, or put glue on all the places it says to glue at one time.
4. Place a petal over a glue stem so the brown of the petal matches the brown of the flower center - Anyone they want in any order if they have NOT added the words yet. IF THEY HAVE ADDED THE WORDS, Then watch the order in which they are glued to the center. Continue until all the petals are glued onto the center.

TEACHER: If any major cutting error occurs, just use clear tape on the back of the flower to fix it.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: If you print in black and white, it is recommended the children use marker first to add the words to the petals, then color over it with crayons.Color the flower center with crayons too. The blunt end of the petal color should be the same color as the flower center. Do not color on the glue stems. It is recommended to make a sample for the children if you are using a black and white printer.