Lists of Thanks - Count Your Blessings

Lists of Thanks - Count Your Blessings

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Thanksgiving Activity - Lists of Thanks

Teacher guide the class to what your students have in common to be thankful for, and also for what each individual may be specially grateful for.

Thankful prayer and Thanksgiving List: Count your blessings

You can just make the lists
You can also make a prayer out of the lists.

This guides you to prayer making.

What does it mean to count your blessings?
It means to think about and list (and tell God) all the things you should thank God for!

These lists can be used as a base for a thanksgivng
prayer - either at Thanksgiving dinner or privately.

As a class we all share some of the same things to thank God for.

As a special child of God, you have unique or different things
than everyone else. (maybe just one, but it could be many)

As a class, ask for examples of what all can
be thankful for and have the students complete the left side.

A home, clothes, food.....really generic list

Now give the students a minute to think about this one and tell them this is a private thing that you won't share with the class.

What do you have to thank God for that probably no other, or not many other children in the class have to give thanks for?

Their personal list is on the right side of the paper. They must list one thing, but may list more. Do not ask them to say aloud, but go around and look at each individually.

About thanks: Psalms 69:30, Psalms 95:2, Psalms 100:4


Sunday School Thanksgiving Activity, Harvest Activity

Copies of the activity Pages for each student

pencils or pens


How do you turn the lists into a prayer of thanks?
Or - How do you write a prayer?

Ask the Class how they would begin a prayer?

(possible answers: Dear God, Dear heavenly Father, or other similar opener is suitable- it is similar to how you would start a letter )

what words would come next or how do you say thank you?

(possible answers: Thank you for)

Now just add all the things from your lists

What 2 things are needed to end a prayer?

1. We need to tell God we are praying in the name of Jesus
        2. We need to close with AMEN.

What does AMEN mean?

It means, "So be it".