Thank You Mom List

Thank You Mom List

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Mother's Day: A time to think about everything mom does for you - and then thank her for them.

Thank You Mom List

It's a good day to think about what mom's do for kids - specifically, rather than generally. This colorful and cheerful bouquet of thanks will be appreciated.

It's a day Sunday School teachers can help "toot a horn" for moms. In addition to making something great for mom, take some time to talk about what a mom does.

Wait to hand out the activity page until you have discussed this.

Ask each child for one specific thing their mom does for them individually or for their entire family - which includes them. Do this out loud so there is a sharing of ideas. This will stimulate the class to think about something someone else has said or not already said. Not all children will have the same things on their minds. Write them ALL on the board or paper. Here are some ideas if they have not already been said:

Washes your clothes
Cooks your food
Washes your dishes
Cleans your house (except maybe your room)
Drives you places
Cares about me
Takes care of me when I'm sick
Loves Me
Buys you clothes and things you need.
Feeds your pets
Does stuff with me like.......

Hand out the thank you activity now.
Have the children choose the top 5 things that they are thankful that mom does for them and print them on the list.

Now make it personal:
Remember to tell them to change the words when they write them down from "Washes your clothes" to "for washing my clothes"

Go on to color the flowers if you have time.

Have the children put their name at the bottom of the page.

Give it to mom! Thank mom!

Grades: 1-4

Mother's Day Activity to thank mom

Exodus 20: 12 Honor your father and your mother...

Copy of preferred activity page for each student
Pencil or pen
Markers or crayons

Print enough copies.