Table-top Easel

Table-top Easel

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Sunday School Teacher Support

Use this easy-to-make display tool when wall space is limited or non-existent, or you want to show something special on the table!

Table-top Easel

Teacher help


Sturdy, multi-purpose stand-up easel for our 8.5" X 11 posters or any other paper you wish to display on your desk or Sunday School Room table. Can be made vertical or horizontal - or make both to have handy. It won't flop around or fall down because of the special locking arm. Best of all, it uses only 2 pieces of most any kind of cardboard.

Not all Sunday Schools classroom areas have walls for decorations and posters. Some classrooms are used for other purposes during the week and you are not allowed to decorate the walls. This is a wonderful alternative if your circumstances do not allow for Sunday School wall decorations or if you'd just like to show something relevant right in front of the children.

You can use this sturdy easel for displaying any standard paper information including posters, worksheets, activity instructions, pictures, holiday greetings, topic of the day, our small church seasons wheel, or most anything you can imagine. Decorate your Sunday School area without using any wall space.

Copy of the pattern
2 pieces of any cardboard you can cut:
- Shirt cardboard
- Oak tag board
- Poster board (usually available in the stationary
  dept of grocery stores or drug stores)
- Cover stock
- The back board of lined pads of paper
Ball point pen or pencil

Print pattern, gather materials

Base Cardboard center line - either vertical or horizontal.


1 Cut pattern

2 Trace & mark

3, 4, 5 Mark and cut

6 Fold

7, 8, 9 Align, glue

11 Bring tab/lock arm over to the leg and fold the tab over the leg.

Easel Instructions:

You can glue, tape, tacky putty or paperclip any standard paper to the easel front panel (base cardboard).



This example uses our Team Jesus poster, but you can use this easel for any paper you wish to display on your desk or the children's table. If you use tape over the top edge to secure the paper to the base, you can add up to 3 layers of paper and use it as a "flip-chart".