Surprise Pop-Open Valentine and God Loves Me Heart

Surprise Pop-Open Valentine and God Loves Me Heart

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A Fun to do craft about God's Love.
Make a Surprise Valentine!

Surprise Pop-Open Valentine and God Loves Me Heart

Lots of possibilities for coloring

God is Love and God Loves You. Jesus loves you.

You should love one another.

Make someone feel loved with these special hearts that would be great as valentines cards.


TEACHER NOTE: This craft can be made using either a photo of each child, or the children can draw their own head picture in the space.

Using photos is so easy these days! If you have an art program you can crop the image to no taller than 1.75 inches at 100 DPI, or print as best you can and cut out the photo for each child. Color photos would be the most fun, but black and white images will work well too.

Grades: Preschool 1 through 3rd grade

Love, God's Love

John 13:34, John 15:9

or PLAN AHEAD depending on what you do!

Copy of activity Page for each student
Crayons, colored pencils, or fine line markers
OPTION: individual head shot photo of each child no larger than 1.75 inches tall.
If you have a photo, you will need glue.


The instructions do appear on each printed sheet.

1. Identify the 2 separated heart parts. Color only both halves that look like this:


2. On the valentine, color the words "I love you" and print your name on the line. If you are making the "God Loves Me" heart, color those words and print your name on the back. 3. In the rectangle area #3, either draw a picture of your own head with the appropriate hair color and eye color OR if you have a head photo, glue it in this space. Options are to cut apart seed and flower catalogs or magazines for lovely flower pictures or other pictures to glue in the space.

4. Cut the whole shape on the solid line 5 and 6. Fold on dashed lines 5 and 6 - be careful

7 and 8. Fold on dotted lines 7 and 8 so you see the dots on the fold, then flip the paper and re-fold hiding the dotted line. (reverse fold)  

- Final folds: side view

Closed heart.
Open for the surprise!