Sunday School Tree - standard size or Tree Poster - large

Sunday School Tree - standard size or Tree Poster - large

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Sunday School Teacher Information and Instructions

Sunday School Tree - standard size or Tree Poster - large

May be used in New Testament or Old testament stories or as classroom decoration. Standard size could be used as the tree in the Garden of Eden story as the tree of knowledge or in the story of the fig tree (matthew 21) , the fruit tree of Matthew 7, or the fruits of the spirit, or an olive tree.


we also have things to put on the tree! Like apples, leaves, or Easter eggs!


This multipurpose branched tree, without leaves is useful for many crafts and activities - Sunday school wall chart, sunday school room decorations, room poster, sunday school wall art- lesson support for several stories.

There are 2 versions of the tree - 1 that fits on standard paper, while the other is a huge 4 part tree.


1. Get the ID APPLES (Tree hangings) and have each student color and put their name on an apple, then glue onto the tree.
2. (Plan ahead) Get the ID APPLES and take a head photo of each child. Have them cut out and glue their photo on an apple. Then glue the apple on the tree.
3. Get the TREE LEAVES (Tree hangings). Use similarly to idea 1 and 2
4. Get the ID APPLES or TREE LEAVES and print Bible Book names on each one.
5. Get the ID APPLES or TREE LEAVES and print the names from any Bible story - including the Christmas story.
6. Hanging crosses from the tree is not a great idea.

Copy of the Activity Page(s)
Optional - brown or gray construction paper, and posterboard

For most uses, the teacher makes the huge tree for his/her uses in the classroom.

You can leave the tree trunk and branches white, or color them.

Be sure to put any Apples, leaves or other things over the center of the tree as well as hanging from the tips of branches

OPTIONAL MODIFICATION: instead of cutting out the rectangles to make the poster, cut the tree branches and trunk out of their rectangles and trace them onto colored construction paper, then re-cut and glue on a posterboard.

Standard tree: This one is better for student activities or small projects. Just print, cut off the top and bottom and you are ready to go.


Multipurpose tree. Standard size prints on one standard page.
Just cut off top and bottom and it is ready to color and use with our tree hangings.


Finished size is approximately 12 inches wide by 16 inches high plus space to put on things