Sunday School Teacher Supply Toolbox

Sunday School Teacher Supply Toolbox

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Sunday School Teacher Support
What all Sunday School Teachers need!

Years of preparing and providing for hundreds of teachers has given me the foresight to furnish each Sunday School teacher with a supply toolkit like this at the beginning of the school year. Unfortunately, not all churches can afford to provide this kind of teacher kit, but you can make your own. It is especially welcome stuff! If your Sunday School is in a temporary location, or you do not have your own room and storage cabinet for supplies you can bring it each Sunday.

Put together your own Teacher's Supply Toolbox! This is ideal for the new teacher or the seasoned teacher who knows how handy these items are. This teacher supply box is useful even if you are using curriculum that comes with some craft supplies.

Sunday School Teacher Supply Toolbox

Teacher help - Preparing Sunday School Teachers for the classroom.


This supply kit is for use by Sunday School Teachers.

Save headaches or running around to find something at the last minute before or during Sunday School. Save a crying child's project with something from your toolbox! Have all the supplies at hand to make your own sample projects for your class!

And it's portable! If you do not have a cabinet in your classroom for storage, bring the box each sunday - it's small and compact, but put your name on it!

This kit is not a Sunday School Emergency kit for injuries. Follow you Sunday School's established guidelines for medical emergencies. Report all injuries to your Sunday School Supervisor, Director of Christian Education or Sunday School Coordinator. Be sure you explain to parents any incident when you do use the band-aids. (see below)

Shool box, cigar box or similar sized plastic box with attached lid (long enough for scissors and deep enough for stapler)
1 roll of 3/4 inch wide invisible Scotch Tape
1 Small bottle of Tacky Glue
1 Glue stick
1 Small stapler
1 Extra bar of staples
1 Six inch ruler
1 Permanent black marker
1 Hand pencil sharpener
2 pens: 1 ballpoint, 1 other
2 pencils with good erasers
1 Large pair of scissors
1 pack tacky putty
2 band aids (for almost invisible owies that really don't even need a band-aid, but need some TLC)
10 paperclips
3 Chalk sticks or dry erase markers if you have boards
1 pack post-it notes
Attendance Tally sheets (if you use them)

Outside the box: Box of Kleenex, box of wet wipes.


See also Children's Classroom kit