Sunday Advent Calendar Countdown

Sunday Advent Calendar Countdown

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Children's Lesson Support for Advent - Sunday School Advent Calendar

In the Sunday School classroom, a typical day-by-day Advent calendar requires you to catch-up each Sunday. Our Advent calendar for the Sunday School classroom focuses on the days you share together -- Sundays! A special page for each of the 4 Sundays in Advent shows the date, the number of days until Christmas Day, and offers a Bible passage all with bright and charming illustration. REVISED COUNTDOWN METHOD

Multi-year - fill-in-the dates

Sunday Advent Calendar Countdown

Advent Sunday

#3 is 11/30/14

#3 is 11/29/15

#3 is 11/27/16

follow your calendar for the next Sundays.

This is really a teacher/classroom activity

What is Advent? Advent means waiting and preparing for Jesus' birth at Christmas.There are 4 Sundays in Advent, and they count back from Christmas. 4 Sundays to prepare your heart and mind for the Christ child.

This is ideal for the Sunday School classroom! There are only 4 pages, one for each of your Sundays with the children. Or you can make enough copies for your children to take home!

Start your Christmas crafts at the beginning of Advent.


After you have compiled the pages with the big number 3 on top, and stapled them together at the top, each week remove the top page to reveal the current "Sunday in Advent".


New Testament - Advent

Advent encompasses the Old Testament prophecies as well as the New Testament Christmas story beginning with Mary's message from the angel. Passages are noted on each Advent countdown page.

For color printer
Copies of all 4 Sunday Advent Calendar pages
(You should make one for your classroom - but you can make kid's take-home copies too!)
Glue, staples, clear tape, or push-pins

Color print activity pages

Younger children would enjoy verbal countdown each Sunday starting from Three!.

Talk about the signs (Symbols) of Christmas on each page.



Simplified 4 Sunday Advent Countdown calendar Fits the days you share with your class - SUNDAYS!

For younger children (P-K) prepare one set of the pages and review each Sunday.

For grades 1 and up, get a monthly calendar to count the days as they appear in each of the pages. Have the class decide on the number to fill-in the blank. Disputes may occur! The number will depend on if you count through December 24 only and if you count the day you are on. Just agree on your own rule and follow it for all 4.

One complete Word Document!

1. Print all the pages

2. Write in the date of the appropriate Sunday on the top of each page.

3. Stack them in this order:

Top page is the first Sunday in Advent (countdown 3)
Next under is the second Sunday (countdown 2)
Next under is the third Sunday (countdown 1)
Last page is the fourth Sunday (countdown 0)
     -no more Sundays until Christmas!

You have options.

Option 1: You can staple or glue the stacked tops of the pages together and then pin them to a bulletin board as a group

Option 2: You can just pin them to your bulletin board in the order shown

During each Sunday in Advent ( you should have inserted the date on each page) remove the old page to show the current date, and the current COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS.

Option 3: Have each child make and take home their own Advent Countdown using option 1 above.

Do one of our other Christmas crafts or activities in preparation for Christmas. The true Advent idea.

Opinion: What do you think? Should grocery stores, big box stores and other stores display Christmas stuff before the first Sunday in Advent? Seems not if they follow the Christian calendar! It certainly dilutes the anticipation!