Fast and Sturdy Christmas Bracelets

Fast and Sturdy Christmas Bracelets

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Sturdy Skinny Christmas Message Bracelets


Simple cutting - and good for not-so-careful cutters.

Easy instructions - pretty much color, cut a rectangle, fold and glue.

Include a personal, secret message inside of the bracelet.

These end up looking like the popular friendship bracelets.

Yes these are the same designs as our other Christmas bracelets, but these are made using regular paper and they will be sturdy. The construction is different, but still VERY EASY.

Luke 2: 1-20, and Matthew chapters 1 and 2

Grade 1 through adult
Christmas Craft

Copies of the activity page ( 3 are on a page) on plain paper

Fine line markers or colored pencils
Glue - preferably white glue but glue stick will do
option: a person to help you mark the size of your bracelet.

*Thin paper is OK


Teachers cut and separate the 3 bracelets on each page. The red line divides them. Each includes general instructions.

Teach a new technique: Coloring in small spaces can be easily achieved by gently stippling or dotting the color in the space rather than continuous line scribbling to fill-in color. This works best if the tips of your markers are squished and not so pointed any more.

This method makes a sturdy bracelet.

King of kings
Peace on earth
Peace hope


two braceletsDone!