Cornucopia - Horn of Plenty

Cornucopia - Horn of Plenty

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Stand up Horn of Plenty with a special prayer for Thanksgiving plus 3D fruit and vegetables..

Teacher Plan for Thanksgiving harvest cornucopia

Stand up Horn of Plenty

What is a cornucopia?
What does a cornucopia have to do with Thanksgiving?

A little history and origin of the Cornucopia: "Cornucopia" is from an old Roman word meaning horn of plenty. A non-Christian history of the cornucopia tells when Zeus was playing with the goat Amalthea, he accidentally broke off one of her horns. To make-up for this tragedy, Zeus promised the goat that the horn would always be full of fruits she wanted. This horn became the cornucopia of the Roman goddess Copia, the personification of plenty.

Over time, the goat horn became a woven basket in the shape of a horn - or cone - or curly cone. Christians adopted the imagery of the horn full of fruits, etc.The basket laid down and overfilled with harvest fruits, nuts and vegetables became a Thanksgiving symbol of the bounty for which we are grateful to God. It is one of most recognizable images for Thanksgiving, and has become a traditional centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table.

You might suggest to your class that they offer their horn of plenty to the family to decorate the table for Thanksgiving.


Old Testament Psalms 69:30, Psalms 95:2, Psalms 118:1


Sunday School Thanksgiving Craft and Activity, Harvest Craft

Copies of the activity Pages for each student

Markers or crayons
Glue (white glue would be better than glue sticks)

Choose from the colored or uncolored set, whichever you have time for.


1. In the uncolored set, if you have control of the printer, here's a creative tip to cut the coloring time. In your printer, insert a gold or yellow sheet of paper first, followed by 2 white sheets of paper. Then for each student, insert 1 gold or yellow sheet, followed by 2 white sheets. This will give you a golden-yellow horn with the fruit and prayer to be colored and finished by the students.

2. In the uncolored set, you can just use a white horn! So color the fruit first and finish the prayer. If you run short on time, just leave the horn white.



1 Color fruit and vegetables, (If " to color" version chosen). Write the prayer in the prayer circle. 2 cut out vegetables, fruit and prayer circle 3 Fold each piece with the colored face together - you are folding them in half.
4. Folded fruit and veggies. 5. Put glue on the back (uncolored side) of 1 fruit or vegetable. 6 Attach another matching cutout of fruit or veggie to half of the first glued piece. Repeat 5 and 6 with the third matching piece.
7. Cutout the horn of plenty. Color it if you have chosen the horn of plenty to color.
8. Turn the paper over with the blank side up and the pointed "Square" corners at the top 9 With the right hand, pull the TOP RIGHT CORNER down and to the left. GLUE the glue areas (best with your left hand)
10. Temporarily change hands (hold the curl in your left hand) so you don't get glue on the table and so you get a better grasp of the curled paper with your right hand now. 11. Grab the curl again in your right hand. Like above. 12. With your left hand grab the top left square corner of the paper (one of the asterisks (*) is there. ) and roll it over your right hand. Wiggle and shift the paper until you get the asterisks on top of each other. Raise both hands up off the table to better wiggle the paper into position.


You can make additional fruits or vegetables by printing only page 2 of the Word document after you have printed all 3 pages to the basic set.


If you prefer a different Thanksgiving prayer, just write your own on the lines on the circle and use in the same way.

13.Assemble your parts!
The prayer circle goes under the cornucopia.

The fruits and vegetables go tumbling into and out of the horn of plenty. It is NOT necessary for them to stand up!