Jesus Symbols and Signs

Jesus Symbols and Signs

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Children's Bible Lesson Support for Symbols Relating to Jesus

Signs and Symbols for Jesus

These are New Testament symbols relating to the life and purpose of Jesus time with us. These are all symbols of the church that are used throughout the year- symbols of Jesus ministry, message and purpose, birth, life, death and resurrection. The purpose is to know what these things mean when they are seen in the church or in relation to church life.

This is a multipurpose activity:
First, it can be used as a Bible look-up worksheet so the children learn these are Biblical (though the butterfly is an accepted implied symbolism). The applicable verses are under the objects. Teacher can help with the meanings. A teacher answer sheet is provided.

Second, the worksheet can be cut apart and the symbols use on any paper Christmas tree, our Christmas Cross or Easter Cross.

Some of these symbols are used at Christmas as Chrismons (Christ monograms) , such as the star, crown, butterfly, lamb and dove, though the candle, palm branches and vines certainly could be used as Chrismons too.

Grade 3 through 8

New Testament

Complete Bible references with Bible text and suggested answers are on the Teacher Answer sheet.

For the Worksheet:

Copies activity page for each student (color print is best, but black and white will work fine too. )
Pencil or pen
One copy of the Teacher Answer Sheet

If you want to continue the project and cut out the symbols for use on the Christmas Cross, any of our print Christmas trees, or Easter cross you also need:

Copy of one of one of our crosses or Christmas trees for each student

For complicated symbols like the vine, crown, etc, just cut out the oval, circle or square that surrounds it.

Print or print and copy activity page and answer sheet
(Optional get a blank tree or cross to continue the project from our Christmas Crafts)

1. Either have the class work individually, in teams or as a group to look up the Bible passages related to the picture symbols. Work individually, in teams or as a group to answer the questions.