Saul's Conversion

Saul's Conversion

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Sunday School Bible Lesson Saul's Conversion: Saul to Paul

Saul's Conversion - Tell it Your Way

Investigate the facts and then make your own brochure about Saul's Conversion!

Bible lesson activity. Step-by-step, investigate who Saul was and why he was considered a bad guy. Chill at Saul getting zapped with the light. Find out what happened. Learn what Paul was told his job would be. Dig into how the Apostles felt about this new man Paul. Dive into the Book of Acts!

This activity can serve as the entire lesson.

Acts 7, Acts 9, Acts 13, Acts 22, Acts 26

Grades 3-8

Bible Activity - Bible required

Copies of the both activity Pages for each student
Bibles for each or at least for every 2 students.

Tape or glue optional

  Doodling or coloring the pictures is optional

This is an instant activity as all you really need are the copies and Bibles, but it will take some time to complete.

Print or print and copy activity page

1. Cut out both pages - in order to align the pages correctly and fold them. The pages do have to be cut on the outer line.
2. If you do not want the pages to flop, put a dot of glue on the 4 corners ON THE BACK OF ONE PAGE.
3. Keeping both pages up, glue them back to back.
4. With the Paul picture facing up, fold over the right side on the dotted line. (You will see the zap picture now)
5. Fold the left side over the zap picture. (you will see Saul on top) The booklet is now in the right order to begin your discoveries in this story.
6. With your Bible, Start investigating who Saul was (Cover)
and turn the whole thing over and research the two more pieces of information about who Saul was and what he did. Write in the answers in your own words - Do not copy from the Bible.
NOW YOU KNOW SAUL'S BACKGROUND. You could stop and discuss and or compare findings at this point.
7. Open the cover (Saul) page. You should see the zap image. Dig into your Bible and find out what happened. Write it in your own words - Do not copy from the Bible.
8. Turn over the whole thing. Find and complete "zapped for a purpose".
NOW YOU KNOW ABOUT A BIG EVENT THAT CHANGED SAUL'S LIFE. You could stop and discuss and or compare findings at this point.
9. Open both flaps to see Paul. Start on the RIGHT and find out how his experience changed him and what happened next.
Paul became the greatest disciple to the Gentiles, visiting them on his missionary journeys, staring churches, strengthening churches, and writing letters to help them along. 10. Stop and discuss and or compare findings with the others in the class at this point. Do you all agree?



Get the  2 pages for each students