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Can be used as an Easter table decoration

Excellent multipurpose learning project

From the caterpillar to the butterfly
Resurrection and miracles.

Taking time to look!
Looking skills
Learning skills
Cutting skills
Discussion points provided so you can talk about the caterpillar as part of the miracle or beginning of the resurrection idea.



Grades: (Spring) Preschool 3, Preschool 4, K and alternate for grades 1-3

Easter Sunday activity and discussion points - Resurrection

Copy of activity page for each student
Glue -white glue better than glue stick
Markers or crayons
Optional small beads or sequins (grades 1-3)

Print enough copies. Make a sample before class.

How to make
the Easter Butterfly

1,2,3 above

4 above
















From the caterpillar to the butterfly

IDENTIFY parts of this project

1. Can you see the difference?
Dotted line
Dashed line
Black solid line
Gray solid line
(Note: The black and gray lines should look different whether or not you print on a color printer or most black and white printers. This may not be true if you just print one and use a black and white copy machine.)

2 .With your finger,
Trace (Show) the heavy black line for cutting the wings before you start. Have the children do the same by running their finger all around the outline of the butterfly wings. (Should I cut here?)

3. NOW color the butterfly wings using the solid gray lines as your guide. (For coloring, just ignore the dotted and dashed lines,) Or get the already colored version.

4 Color the butterfly body (caterpillar) either yellow, light green or orange. (If you have the colored version, skip coloring the caterpillar and go on )

5. Cut out the whole butterfly body BOX (caterpillar)
and draw lots of tiny legs or feet coming off the caterpillar. (you can do this on the precolored version too)

Discuss that God changes this caterpillar into the butterfly
- How? We really don't know. That is one of God's great secrets. (It's a little miracle!) See MIRACLE information after butterfly instructions.

(This makes the folding MUCH easier to do it now as you can see the dot and dashed lines extend beyond the entire butterfly and through wing parts)
Children who aggressively color with marker can soak the paper. **Try to have the butterfly wings "dry" before folding.

Easy "Fanfold" the wings - which means fold ON all the dashed lines first. Then bring the folds of any 2 dashed lines together, tucking in the paper that is between them.
This will automatically make an inside fold on the dotted line between them.
EITHER From the back of the wings, press together the paper between
OR just press the paper flat between the dashed line fold

REPEAT the process for all the dashed and dotted lines

6 B for GRADE 1-3
"Fanfold" the wings - (accordion fold) starting at the top of the wings make a fold ON the top dashed line.
Hold the paper up to the light and look from the back to see the dotted line. Fold the dotted line from the back.
Go back to the front side of the paper and and fold ON the next dashed line. Repeat the process for all fold lines.

6A Folding on all the dashed lines first 6B Fanfold (actually both methods will end up looking like this.)

7. Cut out the butterfly wings on the heavy solid black line.
This is a very "forgiving" cutting outline as it is already jagged, it is not important to cut exactly on the lines. Watch children carefully or help where upper wing and lower wing meet. It is better to pull out the scissors when you get "In" as far as possible, and start in again for the next cut from the other line. There are arrows on the page to show you. Refold to crispen the folds.

7 Cut out the butterfly wings 8 Glue

8. Put glue on both places marked glue

9. Metamorphosis: Cut out the butterfly body (caterpillar) from the box on the heavy line which means cut off the legs/feet you have drawn. If you have colored the butterfly body (caterpillar) RECOLOR it again a dark color.
This is part of the change.

OPTION: IF you have colored peas or beads or sequins, you can glue special eyes on your butterfly head now.

9. Put the butterfly body over the glue with it's head to the top. Pat where the glue is. Let dry.


MIRACLES: Discussion points for kids
Use any part of this Caterpillar MIRACLE information you find useful and feel free to change the language for your age group.
1. It is hard to explain the miracles Jesus did. It is hard to understand God's miracles.
2. That's part of it being a miracle - NOT being able to explain it in any ordinary way! (If it was easy to explain it wouldn't be a miracle!)
3. God shows us something of a miracle every summer.
4. God made the caterpillar, who crawls along branches nibbling on leaves. 5. God has the caterpillar make a cocoon - a cozy place to sleep and change in. It's like a warm blanket or sleeping bag! Some people imagine that is what it is like when our bodies die.
6. Inside the Cocoon, God does the miracle and changes the caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.
7. God promises us we will live again in a new way too after we die.