Real Frosty Snowman Coloring Page and Talking Points

Real Frosty Snowman Coloring Page and Talking Points

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Real Frosty Snowman coloring page and talking points




Yes, I built this Frosty Snowman just for you!
Then I made him into this coloring page with unique talking points about Christmas - so it can be used during advent or after Christmas.

Print out this page so you can show your class both the photo and the real snowman coloring page.

Let's take the time to look at his hat and scarf. What about his face? Are they the same?

There's more to talk about on the page too! Ask the children the questions:
What is another name for the day we celebrate Jesus' birthday?
Did we already celebrate his birthday (Christmas) this year or are we waiting for it to come? (for P2, P3, if they don't know, though I am least pleased to do it, ask if Santa came already? Then make the bridge that Santa comes when it's Jesus birthday)

Luke 2 (Christmas comes)

P2- Gr2

Kids Sunday School Christmas Craft or winter craft

Copies of the activity pages for each student

Markers or crayons or colored pencils

Color the hat, scarf and mittens for the snowman