Rally Day Welcome Poster

Rally Day Welcome Poster

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Sunday School Teacher Information and Instructions

Rally Day Welcome Poster

Sunday School


Busy and fun poster to welcome the children and let them know your class will be busy and fun. Let them see your name or names.

The poster come in 2 versions - 1 already colored poster to print on a color printer, and a black and white version so you can color it yourself.


Copy of the Activity Page
Markers or crayons

Just print - and if you prefer, color it yourself!
Cut out along the outside line.
If you'd like the black and white version bigger, enlarge it on a copier.
BRIGHT IDEA: Make several copies of either - one for your bulletin board, one for your door, and put one on the wall behind where you usually stand.
Add your name or names to the bottom in big letters!
You can add your grade in the space upper right.

Choose the Black and white poster to color or the already colorful Sunday School Poster.