Pretzel planes

Pretzel planes

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Build a work of art and fly it or eat it!

Pretzel planes

How easy. What fun!  A pretzel craft. Pretzel art. Pretzel treat! A Pretzel Plane.

You lay it out right over the paper so there is no doubt how it goes.


Summer Complete Grades: Preschool 4-K through 7th grade

Copy of the instruction sheet for each student.
1 pretzel nugget per plane
1 pretzel stick (thin about 3") per plane
2 pretzel-short rods (about 4") per plane (body and wings)
Marshmallow fluff
A plastic knife or popsicle stick.
Optional - wet paper towels for cleanup
Optional - paper towel to work on

Teacher: Get the 3 kinds of pretzel rods. If you can't find the short stubby rods, you can use a serrated knife before class to saw long rods to length.

Makea sure the Fluff is a tad warm and gooey but not runny. (Not cold or frozen nor melted)

IDENTIFY the 3 types of pretzels you have for the class.





11 Look at the instruction sheet.

2 Lay it down on the table.(or over a paper towel)

3 Put a short rod on the instruction paper where the arrow shows the body.

4 Put a dab of fluff on a pretzel nugget.

5 With the fluff side down, put it where the nugget goes on top of the body pretzel for the tail.

6. Put a dab of fluff in the middle of the other short rod

7 Lay it over the body where the wing goes.

8. Put a dab of fluff in the middle of the stick

9 Lay it over the tip of the body where the propeller goes.

10. Try and fly it to your mouth in one piece!

It's ok if it falls over or even falls apart. If you want to keep it without eating it, you'll have to refrigerate or chill it so the fluff hardens.