Pounded Metal Star

Pounded Metal Star

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Children's Christmas Star

This takes 3 special materials - heavy duty tin foil, string, and either rubber cement or temporary (waxy) adhesive stick (Scotch restickable glue stick)

Pounded Metal Star



This is a great hands-on activity, especially for boys and those with a preference for tactile crafts.

Our kids 5-pointed Star of Bethlehem ornament is our old favorite with a new twist. This year, this star has popped up as a decorative home item for the winter season in many metal finishes, so it has become trendy!

This nativity star is really easy with care, so better suited for at least second grade through middle schoolers. This Sunday School Christmas craft star ornament looks terrific when done.

And there's a bonus star when you're done!

Grades 2 - 8

New Testament, Nativity, Christmas Story Craft

Matthew 2: 1-2

Copy of the activity page for each student
Heavy Duty Tin foil (regular just won't do!) About 14" per child
Either rubber cement or temporary (waxy) adhesive stick (Scotch restickable glue stick)
String - kite string, medium weight parcel string, or waxed dental floss (not thread)
Pencil for each student
Wadding - like a paper towel folded over for all to share
1 small plain paper clip for each child (double use)
White glue- for string only

Print or print and copy activity page for each student and one for the teacher.

Distribute the star patterns, heavy duty tin foil, scissors and pencils.


1. Gently wad up the tin foil - but keep in mind you will be reopening it and flattening it so don't squeeze hard. You don't want it to tear.
2. Gently reopen the tin foil and wad it up again! This will give it more crumples and be even stronger!

3. After the second crumple, hand smooth out the foil. You can pound on it with the side of your fist to pre-flatten it! (This can be noisy so be mindful of your neighbors!) If it would be too noisy tell them to pound with their fingertips - not near as much fun, but it will work.
4. When it's pretty flat, take your pencil and roll over it to smooth it out pretty well. You want it to have the crumpled look so don't press really hard. It will be smaller than when you started! If an edge tears, don't worry. If it is torn in the middle, you'll have to start again and be more gentle in step 1 and 2.

5. Cut out the star pattern on the heavy line.
6. Put rubber cement or temporary adhesive on the center back of the pattern. (About an inch circle of temporary adhesive just to hold the 2 pieces together temporarily - do not glue edges)
7. Put the star pattern on the foil so you see the fold lines. Make sure there are no rips or tears where you put it.

8. Cut the tin foil.
9 Open one "leg" of the paper clip just enough to be able to use the end of it. (you will use again it later for something else) Put the pattern and foil over a wad of paper towel and push the paper clip point gently through the *.

10. Turn over the star so you see the tin foil side.
11. Fold each of the flaps back making sure you have a bit of the tin foil too. It may not be perfect, but don't worry! This is only making an edge that will be strong. PRESS ALONG THE FOLDS.

12. Turn it over so you see the paper pattern with the fold lines.
13. Starting at the tip of a star, fold along the line to the center of the star. Press hard! Be sure you have the paper and foil together.
14. Repeat all around the 5 points only.

15. Take hold of 2 adjacent points. Bring them together - you may have to tuck down the paper between them. Pinch along both fold lines together - all the way to the center. (This will make the inner fold between the points)
16. Let go of one point and take a new one next to it. Pinch all the way to the center. Repeat around all points of the star.

17. From the back, gently peel open just the FLAPS

18. Turn with pattern-side up. GENTLY AS YOU CAN, peel away the whole pattern.

19. Cut about 9 inches of string. Bring the ends of the string together. Together, tie a knot an inch or two from the end of the strings to create tails. Re-bend your paper clip back into it's original shape. Tie the paper clip to the string EITHER BY:
1 Put both tails of string into a round end of the paper clip and knot the string around the paper clip near the first knot.
or 2. Put one tail into the round end of the paper clip; pull the paper clip up to the first knot, and tie the ends together tightly. (If your tails are long enough.)

20. Pinch the center loop of the string together and from the back push it through the hole until it reaches the paper clip or knot, whichever comes first.
21. From the back, put a dot of glue at the hole and string and paper clip. Let dry.
The paper clip will help prevent the string from pulling through the hole and if it is plain silver-colored it won't be obvious.

BONUS STAR: Some child may ask, "What do you do with the star pattern that's leftover?" Either you can throw it away OR, you can cut off the flaps, cover it in glitter and make a star out of it! Glue string loop to back.