Pom Snowman

Pom Snowman

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Snowman Christmas table decoration everyone will be delighted to have gracing the table.

Pom Snowman

This is a Plan Ahead craft.

These delightful snowmen are ready to stand amid a holiday table. Since it's a freestyle face, the older the class the more unusual the faces. This freedom works well for oldest kids.

You can add your own Christian message on the scarf or tie.

Put out the call to your congregation for double ball 16 oz and 48 oz Pom Pomegranate juice bottles.

Grade 3 through 8th grade


Copies of hat and scarf pages for each student

Glue – white glue
A Pencil (may be shared)
Colored pencils or markers
1 fat tip permanent sharpie to share
Table covering
Fine sand paper
White spray paint
Optional colored paper to print scarf and tie
Cardboard box for spray booth
Practice paper for face


Teachers: it is best to prepare the bottles at least a day prior to class by sanding the pom heart generously and all surfaces lightly. Spray paint inside bottle lightly, and outside thoroughly. Use a box on its side in a well ventilated place. Let dry well. I used flat white paint. See details below.


Follow instructions in order below:


(It's best that teacher do step 1 and 2)

1. Gently sand away the pom heart with fine sandpaper and lightly sand the rest of the bottle to rough up the surface. Wipe off the sanding dust.
2. Spray paint the bottle white with a quick spray inside and a full spray outside. Use non-toxic paint. Let dry thoroughly. (Best done in an old cardboard box set on its side to minimize overspray. Be sure to do in a ventilated area, Follow all label instructions)

3 Color the hat parts including the narrow black space at the bottom of the top

4.Correct colored hat parts

5. Cut out the hat parts. Be sure to cut the lines inside the brim all the way to the dashed circle. If you are sloppy, the hat may not fit.

6. Fold all the tabs on the top of the hat and brim as shown. (Top of hat: fold down tabs to cover the hole. Brim: fold tabs up as they will go into the top of the hat.)

7. Glue and roll the top of the hat round.

Bring the colored edge all the way over to the dashed line.

8. Lay the top of the hat down on the table up-side-down.
9. Glue the tabs on the brim stars,
10. Lay the brim over the top facing down, and put the tabs inside the top of the hat. Working from outside and inside with 2 hands, press tabs to top of hat. Let dry or at least stabilize. (You can tape, but it’s tricky)

11. On paper, draw an oval about the size of your bottle. Practice the size and place for the eyes, nose and mouth. You only have one shot at the real thing, and you can’t erase any of it so practice.

12. Get the permanent marker. Lay the bottle down. You can lightly pencil in 2 small x on the real bottle where the eyes may go. This will help with the rest of the face. Draw the face on the bottle.

13A. Test fit the hat.

But it's best to remove it before putting on the collar and scarf

13. Cut out the collar and tie or scarf. Decorate tie or scarf. (for 48oz bottle, use larger collar, scarf and tie. Glue the 2 collar pieces together at the star)

If you prefer not to color scarf, just print scarf on colored paper and add message.

14. Fold the tie or scarf on dashed line.

15. Lay the tie or scarf over the collar. Be sure to see it is the right-side-out when you dry fit the collar on the bottle.

16 When it looks fine, lay the bottle down and glue the collar together. You can tape it. The tie or scarf should be able to slide a little if it is not centered. Stand up the snowman.


17. Put the hat on the bottle gently. You may need to wiggle or jiggle it, or add more glue or stick it together again if the glue is really wet and it separated.

The scarf or tie should be on this snowman.

18. You’re done! Take it home!