Poinsettia Ornament

Poinsettia Ornament

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Children's Christmas Lesson and craft : the Poinsettia

Poinsettia Ornament

Pointsettia Ornament (Poinsettia Ornament)

There's a famous very short story about the Poinsettia and fun facts about this Christmas flower on our Pointsettia Information page.

The correct way to spell this Christmas flower is Poinsettia but a popular alternative is Pointsettia!

There are 3 choices here: 1. Print on colored paper, 2. Print on white paper and then color, 3. Print on color printer.

The poinsettia pieces are irregular and life-like and easy to cut.

Grades 2-6

New Testament - Related to the Christmas Story, but not in the Bible.

Plus optional materials

Copy sets of either colored or uncolored poinsettia versions
Center fun material - either glitter, sequins, or any other similar materials you already have.


Red and green colored paper
Yarn or string in 6-7 inch lengths

Print pages

Review the Poinsettia information page with the children while they do this.

Technically all the red AND green parts of a poinsettia are leaves, but for practical purposes, the instructions will call the green leaf base, the leaf base. We will call the red leaves - petals.

So the image to the left is a leaf base.

For a greater challenge to 5th and 6th grade students, shrink and print the pages at 50%!

1. Print on whichever paper you have chosen 2. Cut out all the pieces and sort them: 7 Large, 7 small petals and the one leaf base. Put your name on the back of the leaf base. 3. Color red petals and green leaves if you have uncolored version. (All poinsettias are no longer just red!) Otherwise go on.
4. Glue the yarn loop on the green base halfway between center and a leaf tip

5. Align the 7 large red petals with their stem on a center dot. Put the glue on the green leaf base and place the red petal in the glue.

When all the large petals have been glued in place, you can curl the tip with a pencil if you like

6. For the small petals, put the GLUE ON THE BACK OF THE PETAL and set between the large petals at the center.

7. When all the small petals have been glued in place, you can curl the tips with a pencil if you like 8. Get whatever center material you have and glue it over the the stems in the center. 9. You're done


Green Poinsettia base

USE color printer

Red Poinsettia petals

USE color printer

Poinsettia base

PAPERS: Use green colored paper, or white paper
PRINTERS: Use black and white printer or color printer

Poinsettia petals

PAPERS: Use reddish colored paper, or white paper
PRINTERS: Use black and white printer or color printer