Family Tree of the Patriarchs and the 12 Tribes of Israel

Family Tree of the Patriarchs and the 12 Tribes of Israel

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Patriarchs and the 12 Tribes of Israel Family Tree

Numbered name above each branch.
Matching Bible verse below each branch.

Follow the Patriarchs, including their name changes through the sons of Israel. Work from the bottom(roots) up(to the top) the tree.

Learn who and what are the patriarchs.

2 Family trees
- Teacher or classroom poster with names, birth order of the heads of the 12 tribes with Bible reference. The heads of the 12 tribes of Israel are also known as the 12 sons of Jacob.
- Student Tree with names removed so they can fill them in themselves.

Print in color or black and white.

#11 is Joseph of the "coat of many colors"

The cutoff branch next to the J is for Esau. You can mention this or not. (Jacob and Esau were twin brothers, but God chose Jacob to lead His family).

Special notation at the branch of Judah which would eventually grow and extend through many branches to Joseph, husband of Mary.

Grades: (late) 2 through 8

Patriarchs and 12 Tribes of Israel
(also known as the 12 sons of Jacob)


A patriarch was a man who had authority over an entire extended family – including children and children’s families (grandchildren’s families) onto their children (great grandchildren’s families) too. It means the male ruler of a family, clan, tribe or similar related group. Technically, the 12 sons become the patriarchs of their individual 12 tribes, when Isaac and Jacob (Israel) are dead.

"Father Abraham" begins God's chosen family of people. Abraham is the root! God promises Abram that his family will become a great nation.

Genesis 17: 5 God renames Abram to Abraham
Genesis 17: 6, 7, 8 God promises Abraham that his family will be a       great nation - even though he and his wife have no children yet.
Genesis 18:1 Abraham is promised a son
Genesis 21 : 1, 2, 3 Isaac is born to Sarah and Abraham
Genesis 25: 23, 24, 25, 26 Isaac and Rebekah have twin sons       Jacob and Esau
Genesis 25: 27 on - Jacob gets the blessing/birthright that       originally belonged to Esau (Jacob becomes head of the family       instead of Esau who was technically older)
Genesis 35:10 God renames Jacob to be Israel
Then Jacob, who is now named Israel has 12 sons who become known as the 12 tribes of Israel:

This is available in the Patriarchs and 12 Tribes Bible reference table download.


Material Checklist
Copies activity Page for each student
Pencils or pens or fineline markers

A GOOD IDEA: print 2 copies of the student version for each student

Teacher and



Print at least one teacher tree and enough student trees for each student. (Works best if you print 2 copies of the student version for each student)

If you have lots of time, the students can lookup the Bible passage below the branch to fill in the correct name. There is space on the Patriarchs and 12 Tribes Bible Reference Table for your students to add other information .

Otherwise, aloud read the names from the teacher tree and have the students write in the names at the numbers on the tree as you advise. Discuss.

When completed, you can either practice the names and "lineage" using the 12 Tribes Cube from another of our lessons, or pass out a blank tree; turn over the completed one, and see how many names the class can collectively or individually write in the correct place.