Paper alphabet Blocks and Sign Frames

Paper alphabet Blocks and Sign Frames

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Full color paper block alphabet and alphabet blocks to color to make signs, posters, placques and more. Frames included.

Paper alphabet Blocks and Sign Frames

Shown here are Christmas alphabet block messages, but you can create whatever you like!


1. Individual or
2. Group Activity or
3. Teacher room decoration

Great for Sunday School Classroom signs

Perfect for holiday signs, posters and placques

Share a Christian message for any season. Great Christian Christmas decoration for a hall, wall or door!

Teachers can create room decoration in any grade room.

Full alphabet plus multiples of vowels and most used letters.

Full set to color and fully colored set to cut apart and glue in place on frames provided or whatever you like.

Multi-use block Alphabet for signs, posters, greetings, and of course refrigerator placques.


Grade 2 through 6th grade


Copies of alphabet blocks for each student

Markers or some colors if using uncolored alphabet
Copy of preferred frame for each student.


1. Select a frame for either 2 or 3 line message.

2. Decide on you message.
     5 letters to a line MAXIMUM. (But you can have 2 words such as “to the” on one line.)

3. Find right-side up on your frame. Find the on the frame and put it right-side up
      and your frame will be right side up.

4. Cut out the alphabet block letters you will use. Cut on the heavy line with rounded corners.

5. Look for the center mark on the line.

6. Count the letters you have on one line. What is the middle letter of the word? or is it even so a space
      falls at the center? WITHOUT GLUE layout your words on the paper. Use the center guide marker
      and the line marker. For 2 words, you add a little extra space between the words.

7. Color each letter and the outside frame of the letter. (you do this now so you can decide on the colors
      so you don’t have 3 of the same color next to each other unless you want to.

8. If you are using the already colored letters, check your color combinations.

9. Glue them in place.

10. While they dry, color the large frame. Work the top and sides upside-down! This means you do not lean over the glue, you work on the edge of the frame nearest you always. Push it away from you slightly. Turn the page as you go. This allow the glue to dry and minimizes smudging or moving the letters.