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Pansy Coaster

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Mother's Day Craft for kids: Paper Coaster

Pansy Coaster

Looking for a really different craft for your class to make to thank and honor mom? Try this coaster!

Make this useful and pretty Pansy for mom's coffee, tea or water bottle- a thoughtful and unusual gift!

So easy! Good looking. Useful!

Show the children how you use a coaster under a cup or bottle.

Use the word "Coaster" whenever possible referring to the activity. It will help younger children and those unfamiliar with the word to remember this special word.

Younger children may need to learn the name of this flower as well. PANSY - It's a flower for spring (and fall).

With just a little more time than a coloring page takes, this gives you a very special take home craft.

Grades: Preschool 3 through 4th grade

Mother's Day kid's Craft

Exodus 20: 12 Honor your father and your mother..

Copy of preferred activity page for each student
White Glue

Print enough copies. Cut out a set to show the class how the pieces fit together.

How to make this gift for mom:

1. If you've chosen the pansy to color, color it THIS WAY before cutting.

USE 2 COLORS. Use the same dark or light color on the
outside edges of piece 2, 3 and the one with the unmarked
dot. Use the same color all over piece 1, except do not
color in the numbered circles or the areas for GLUE.

Choose a light color for the fan-lined areas on pieces 2, 3
and the one with no number in the circle.

Color the un-numbered little circle some bright color you have not used. (It is shown as yellow in the picture) Even if you are not going to use the colored version, if you can print one out to show the areas that are colored the same, it would be a good idea.

Watercolor markers may "run" with a cup or bottle set on it.
You can use permanent markers, but they are not widely
used by kids in Sunday school, for good reason. Even the
color may bleed on the color printed version- so the
uncolored one with crayons is best. Crayon wax will help protect the paper.

2. Cut out the 4 parts

3. Put your name on the back of the piece that says "I Love you"

4. Put a dot of glue on the number 1 in the circle and both spaces for glue

5. Take piece number 2 - the one with the 2 in the circle - and match the number 2 circle over the number 1 circle.

There are small curved dotted lines on the number 1 piece. Bring the edge of the number 2 piece all the way up to the dotted curved line (and over the GLUE space on that side).


4. Put a dot of glue on the number 2 circle.

5. Bring the number 3 circle over the number 2 circle and move it up to the dotted line on piece number 1.



6. Put a good dot of glue on circle number 3.

7. Bring the un-numbered circle of the last piece (yellow one in the colored version) over the number 3 circle.

You're done

Be sure to tell mom what it's for!