One Dozen Disciples

One Dozen Disciples

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One Dozen Disciples AKA the Apostles

How easy! Help for kids with learning the Apostles.

Use this alone or with our PJ, PJ, JJ, BATTS & M memorization aid.

New Testament

Matthew 10:1, Mark 1: 16-20, Mark 3, Luke 5:1-10, Luke 6


Help learning the names of the original 12 Apostles. As Jesus is our friend, learn familiar (contemporary) names of those who helped him.

Copies of the Activity Page 1 for each child +1
Markers or crayons
An empty egg carton/egg box for each child*

At least a week before this activity, send home a note for the children to bring egg cartons/egg box. As there may be a chance for some children not to bring them, see the note below*.

Keep one extra uncut copy of the activity sheet so everyone can see the circles in their original sequence.

I always recommend the teacher make a sample before the class to show the children where the project is going - the end result.

1. Memorize this litany:
     P - J
     P - J
     J - J
     and M

2. Look at the uncut activity sheet
- Notice the order of the circles top to bottom (Same as #1)
- See how the letters look different from each other and which ones go together.
3. Read and say the Disciples key (list with names)
4.Get out your carton
5. Cut out the cover and circles from the activity sheet and say
      the name that matches the circle you are cutting out
6. Keep the Disciples key (List with names)
7. Color the cover
8. Put your name on the cover
9. Glue the cover onto the carton/box
10. Put the circles in a pile on the desk in front of you,
      face down.
11. Hold the carton open with the lid on the left side
      -so it opens like a book. (See below)
12. Turn over one circle and say who it could be.
13. Match and Identify where your letter goes in the box
      (look at the uncut sheet and match the way the letter looks)
14. From the way the letter looks, and where it is in the box,
      who is it?
15. Repeat steps 12-14

Keep this and the Disciples key in the classroom for several weeks and repeat the litany and Disciples Key every week.

See also the extension of this activity with complete names


My Apostle Litany and Disciple Key has been used successfully to teach children and adults - even a minister - the first 12 apostles.