Number Cube

Number Cube

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Sunday School Teacher Information and Instructions
Sunday School game piece

Number Cube

Learning aid

Grade K through HS

Number cube is a cross between a game spinner and dice!
Keep it handy! It's big enough you won't easily misplace it. It will work even when the corners get rounded from use.

Roll the cube for board games!

Roll it to choose turns! (Higher/highest number goes first)

Roll it for choosing any thing you might use a game spinner or dice for or other Sunday School games.

Use this along with our Old Testament and New Testament Bible cubes to identify the sequence groupings of the books,

Copy of Activity Page for each student
or one for the class
Glue or glue stick
Clear tape too, if you are in a hurry.

Copy and distribute the activity sheet

Review the cutting tips with the class before they begin cutting. And have everyone cut one section of the cube together with you to start.

Children - even older ones - tend to put their scissors to an activity and keep on cutting. Show them the right way to use scissors to cut inside corners using the Cutting Tips.

You can shrink the pattern on a copier for a smaller cube

1. Cut the cube on the heavy line You must cut into the corners so use the cutting trick on the printed page.
2. Fold down on all dashed lines (meaning the dashed line should show at the peak of the fold) (Hold it off the table in your hands)
3. Dab glue on the four glue tabs that are marked "under side 4" and "under side 5", spread glue to cover the tab all the way up to the dotted line.
4. If all the fold lines have been made, the box will almost form itself. Bring up sides 1 and 3 until the 4 tabs are in place. Hold for a moment to set the glue. Look in the box to be sure the tabs are up against the sides of the box.
5. Dab glue on the 3 remaining tabs, spreading all the way up to the dotted line.
6. Close up the cube tucking the 3 remaining tabs in the cube.

Pinch the edges (folds) so the inside glued tab sticks to the side of the cube.

if you can't wait for the glue to dry, put very small pieces of clear tape over seams. ( A seam is an edge where a glue tab was. It may open if the cube is used before it is dry)


The cube will close up just like the Old Testament or New Testament cube: