Noah's Ark 3D Boat

Noah's Ark 3D Boat

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Sunday School Teacher Information and Instructions - Noah's Ark

Noah's 3D Ark

Old Testament

Genesis 6: 9 to Genesis 10

(K with teacher help) 1 2 3 (4)

Fun and suprisingly easy with great results. Includes cutting tips on the activity page.

- One with animals in the window and one empty window to draw Noah's head
- One with all empty windows to draw any animal heads you want and Noah's head in one ark window (older children)

ENLARGING OPTION: See the instructions at the bottom to make it bigger.

Copies of the Activity Page 1 for each child +1
Clear tape

Make enough copies for everyone.
Review the cutting tips with the class before they begin cutting. And have everyone cut one section of the bow together with you to start.

Children - even older ones - tend to put their scissors to an activity and keep on cutting. Show them the right way to use scissors to cut inside corners using the Cutting Tips.

I always recommend the teacher make a sample before the class to show the children where the project is going - the end result.

1. Cut out the two pieces.
2. Color both pieces however you'd like and put your name on the bottom of the boat. Draw Noah's head in the empty window. Or older children may prefer to use the copy that has empty windows for you draw any animal heads you want in the windows. NOTE: you must draw the heads in 2 different directions, so turn the paper around to draw the upper 2 animal heads at the glue tab end.(if all the heads are drawn upright, when you fold it, one set of heads will be upside-down!)
3. Fold on all dotted lines
4. Put glue on the 4 tabs on the boat - be sure to cover the tabs with glue up to the dotted lines
5. Bring up the bow and press the forward tips of the sides of the boat against the glue tabs to create a perfectly pointed bow.
6. If there is any problem with the glue or gluer, use a tiny piece of tap over the bow point.
7. Fold the cabin on all 3 dotted lines.
8. Put glue on the glue tab.
9. Bring the bottom around over the glue tab.
10. Now put glue on the bottom panel and set the cabin in the ark.

Discuss God's instructions to Noah on boat building (Genesis 6: 9 ) while they make the Ark.

   Choose either with animals in the windows

Or Choose the blank windows
to draw your own animal heads and Noah

To enlarge the project, cut roughly around the boat and use a copier to enlarge to 125%.
You can do the same with the cabin section. Be sure to enlarge both pieces the same percentage.