My Christmas Book: Make, Draw and Tell

My Christmas Book: Make, Draw and Tell

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Whether you have kids who come every week or only occasionally, this book will work for you.

There is a Teacher guide for you. Suggested to do two pages each week in spare time.

My Christmas Book: Make, Draw and Tell

Great for the "Sometimes come" kids.




Christmas symbols to first discuss, then write about, and finally draw. Staple a set together for each child.

If you have children who come every week, what a wonderful thing that is. Not all churches are so fortunate.

So how can you do this if a child only comes once or twice during Advent?

The book goes home the Sunday before Christmas. If by the Sunday before Christmas, you have a book or two left in your room, put it in a large flat envelope and mail it to the child. What a surprise and a reminder when the child receives it! Be the gentle shepherd. You can add a note - Hope to see you soon! Merry Christmas.

This assumes you get some information about every child who arrives in your classroom - like their home address. If you don't get the home address, maybe your Sunday School superintendent or Director of Christian Education gets that info. We pray that you, or your church office or Sunday School Administration can help you in mailing any book left behind.

The cover is for a self-portrait or photo if you have a digital camera or plan ahead. The other pages in this activity book include bells, candy cane, star, wreath, candle, gift, and crown. "Answers" are provided on Teacher version, though you may have a varying idea - which is fine.

Grade 2 through grade 6

Copies of all of the activity pages for each student

Markers or crayons or colored pencils

Listen about each thing. Write about each thing. Draw each thing.