Mom's Secret Decoder Fan

Mom's Secret Decoder Fan

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Mother's Day Craft for kids: Secret decoder FAN - SIMPLY AMAZING

Mom's Secret Decoder Fan

What could it mean?



Another really different Mother's Day craft for your class to make to thank and honor mom.

Any outsider will be baffled by the garbled message they see - unless you know how to look at the fan to decode the secret messages for Mother's Day!

1. Who love to be in on a secret
2. Who want to give mom something special that only they know about.
3. older kids who are not as comfortable with lovey cards at this stage in their lives.

Minimum cutting skills required. Not much coloring to do, Most time for fan folding and seeing the two secret message revealed.

Grades: Grade 2 and up

Mother's Day kid's Craft

Exodus 20: 12 Honor your father and your mother..

Copy of preferred activity page for each student
White Glue
OPTION NOT NECESSARY:flat strip magnet


Note instructions refer to both dotted lines and dashed lines so look carefully before you start to fold!

1. Cut out the rectangle.
2. Color if you have chosen the uncolored version.
3. Fold on all the dotted lines.
4. Bring all the dotted lines together (This should have you tucking the
dashed lines down in-between the dotted ones)
5. Press firmly
6. Reopen and glue in the glue space.
7. Options
A. stick - glue both sides of a craftstick and tuck about an inch in the centerefold if desired.
B. get 2 inches of flat magnet and glue perpendicular to center fold on back.


If you have magnet strips, you can glue 2 inches of magnet across the fanfolds on the BACK and put the strip perpendicular to the folds for a refrigerator fan.

If you have a craft stick, glue 1/2 inch both sides of one end, Put the glued end in-between the folds at or near the center bottom of the page. Squeeze all the folds together.


If you look straight on the fan, the letters are all jumbeled - even when folded! But turn or twist the fan in your hand a little to the right or left and one of the two secret messages appear:
World's greatest mom
Love you mom!
8. You're done when you show your mom the secret messages just for her!