Middle School and Junior high Easter eggs to color

Middle School and Junior high Easter eggs to color

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Middle School and Junior high Easter eggs to color

Middle schoolers and jr. high kids often doodle while listening. It makes them appear "Cool". So let them doodle on these Easter symbols while they listen.

Each sheet has 2 sets of 4 eggs. They are not typical egg designs. Cut the sheets in half. (There is a faint box around each set.)

If you think your students need even more of a challenge, see our teen to adult Easter eggs.

Ask the kids to identify any Christian symbols (remember even the circle and triangle are a symbol for God and the dove is for the Spirit)

Group activity suggestion. Requires the fewest markers and diminishes any discussion on what color everyone wants to use and encourages sharing the markers. .
(Tell them this is what will happern) Give each person 1 marker.
After 5 minutes, tell them to pass their marker to the right (or whatever). After another 5 minutes - or a breaking point in your lesson, have them pass the marker along again. Do this about 6 times. Make sure two people next to each other do not have the same color marker. Tell them are to use the one color on each of the eggs in a few places. (Example: color all the circles in all of the eggs one color)

There are no hearts in the designs, so boys won't so readily balk!

This can be used as a Bible bookmark when completed.

Middle School - Junior high

Middle School - Junior high Easter Egg Coloring Activity

Copy of activity page for each person

Fine-line markers
Notes: I always remove the black markers from any set. Let them work around that.