Lord's Prayer Fold-up Revealer

Lord's Prayer Fold-up Revealer

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Lord's Prayer Fold-up Revealer


reveal definition

Version on the bulletin board revealing the meaning.


It's not enough to learn the Lord's Prayer by memory, if you don't know what it means - or if it has no personal meaning for you. Let's help our children understand this prayer.

If you don't agree with our definition of the phrases in the Prayer, use the fill-in-the-blank version and create your own definitions. MAKE IT PERSONAL!


Lots of ways to learn and use this prayer teaching aid!

Suits most popular variations of this prayer as shown below.


2 sizes - Student Personal (Medium) and Bulleting Board (large)


Debts or Trespasses versions

Long version: includes "for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen"

Short version: ends with "deliver us from evil"

If your church uses "Your" instead of "Thy", just cross it off and print "Your" in its place.


Defined: Our meaning of the Lord's Prayer: definition or interpretation is in the "Defined" selection

Fill-in-the-blank: You can write in your own meaning in the "Fill-in" selection.

Grades: 2 thru adult

. New Testament

Matthew 6: 9-15

You can see the variations in the samples below.

instant activity

Use the thinnest paper you printer will take!

Copy for each student
Glue (glue stick works fine)
checkbox Scissors
checkbox pencil or pen

This is an easy and pretty fast project. There is no particular need to color unless you want to. (I suggest you do not color unless you have lots of time.)You can print in color or black and white. Color is pastel background which becomes light gray or white on black and white printer. The emphasis is on the meaning of the prayer.

Note: heavy paper may not fold as well. Be sure to double press all folds to flatten.

teacher info


See the beginning of the Children's instructions and guide the process.

The Bulletin board version is BIG. "Trespasses defined long version " is about 25 inches long when all done. All others are a bit shorter. (It's about twice as long until you fold it)

Open PDF or print one selection and read our definitions to see if they match your understanding. You can have the class make small changes or print the fill-in-the blank version to complete it as shown in teacher instructions.

Pre-cut at least one page to show how the folds work.

Teacher instructions









childrens instructions

If you have chosen the "Fill-in-the-blank" version of the fold-up, As a class discuss each phrase, teacher offer some ideas, and allow the students to say what they think. Have the students write-in the definition either their personal one or the group concept.

If you have chosen the defined version, discuss the meaning of each phrase. Pencil-in any minor changes your class may have discussed. There is white space to make notes!

If you prefer, pencil in the word "YOUR" over the word "THY" - both mean "God's" as you are speaking to God in any prayer.

Put the papers in their correct order.

All students continue from here:

cut the prayer

You have the choice at this point to make each section indiviudally and then join them all or make one long piece of paper then do the folding.

It is easier to make one long piece of paper first as it can be tricky to glue folded pieces.

This has such easy construction, talk about the prayer phrases and review the meanings as the class makes the folds.

first fold

Fold all the dashed lines as shown above.

second foldsThis creates "Flaps" hiding the meanings.


It may help to stick your finger just below the "Inside fold" dotted line as you bring down the folded edge (dashed line) over your finger to the top of next phrase section. Remove your finger and press.

(This is the student size, but the instructions are both the same)


Continue the process until completed.

Review each phrase and its meaning as you reveal it. reveal definition
PUTTING IT ON THE Bulletin Board

Use a stapler, or thumb tacks if you have a cork board. Use tape if you have the right board or a wall for tape.

DO NOT USE pushpins as they hold-out the "Flaps".

Start at the top. staple the very top edge of the "Our Father" as high up on the bulletin board as you can.

When you have the first definition stapled to the cork board, push up the next definition under the phrase it is explaining. The fold lines should guide you.

stapleTuck up the definition under the phrase. Staple the definiton. Continue the process. The whole fold-up will hang low until you have stapled it all closed and you can reveal the meanings.closed


Use on desk or table

At the end of the examples you will be able to choose the one that's right for you:

FIRST along the aqua headings

Choose between versions DEBTS or TRESPASSES

SECOND along the aqua headings

Choose between Long version: includes "for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen"

Short version: ends with "deliver us from evil".( You can omit Amen if you prefer.)

THIRD go down the column you have chosen to the 4 choices below the example.

Choose between Fill-in-theblanks or Defined

Choose SIZE either Bulletin board (Large) or Student Personal (medium)