Large Seasons of the Church Poster - finished size approx. 20 inches

Large Seasons of the Church Poster - finished size approx. 20 inches

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Large Seasons of the Church Poster - finished size approx. 20 inches

This goes by several names:
Kids Seasons of the Church wheel Poster
Liturgical Seasons Wheel Poster
Sacred Seasons and Days in the Life of the Church Poster

New Testament

Matthew, Mark, Luke, Acts

Almost any - this is a church teaching tool for your bulletin board

See the smaller individual wheels also.

This is a date specific Liturgical wheel for the seasons of the church - like a church seasons calendar. The colors used generally tie into the liturgical colors for most denominations.
A wheel is typically used to recognize one season flows into another in an endless circle, and a circle often represents God.

This is a fresh take on the traditional church year wheel with places for you to write-in this years Holy Dates, Holy days, and church holidays, It is divided into the traditional sacred seasons, but appear slightly differently.

We offer a separate page with calendar/tables of the dates, and background information, but please check with your minister, Sunday School Superintendent, or Director of Christian Education for the specific dates used in your church for this year, or next year*. Many of the dates change from year to year. Some churches begin the Christmastide season on Christmas Day, while others include Christmas Eve.

This church poster includes add-on sections for you to include your church's special sacred days within the season section.


1. See individual church seasons wheels for students

2. Teachers see specific date church calendars to use to insert dates on your wheel, and understanding the church year: how the dates are determined.

Copies of all 7 pages
Markers to insert dates
Optional: Clear tape for special Days add-ons

Print each page.

Color printing works best, but the wheel will work if you print the season sections using a black and white printer

Teacher instructions:

(minimum grade 2, to adult to make their own)

Why do many of the dates change from year to year in the church calendar except Christmas Day?
Christmas day is a birthday. Everybody's birthday is a specific date each year.So is the birthday for Jesus.
When is your birthday? (let each one answer)
Thanksgiving comes on a different date every year. A long time ago, (1942) the United States government declared the fourth Thursday in November as Thanksgiving. It comes about the same time every year on the same day of the week, but on a different date.
( If you have a multi-year calendar, you may show the class.)
The leaders of our church (denomination) figure out what dates we should celebrate special days, especially Easter. Then they decide each year, when many of the other special days and seasons will be - those that do not have a set date. The date for Easter Sunday/Resurrection Sunday is key.

Pentecost, Lent, Advent and some other seasons and days are figured out by counting days from Easter or Christmas.

The church seasons are made in a circle or wheel, because they go on, round and round. No matter where you start on the wheel, after you go all the way around, you keep on going all the way around again and again, changing the specific dates for a certain year.
Ordinary Time - sometimes called the season of Pentecost, is the longest season - almost half a year.


If you start with Ordinary Time,
Advent (follows ordinary time)
Christmas / Christmastime / Christmastide (follows Advent)
Lent (follows Christmas)
Easter (follows Lent)
Pentecost and Trinity Sunday( follows Eastertime / Eastertide)
and you are back to Ordinary time.

The church season calendar is called a liturgical calendar while a regular calendar is called a secular calendar. Secular calendars show Thanksgiving, the 4th of July, presidents days, new years Day, etc. - government holidays, and sometimes major church holidays. A lectionary or liturgical calendar shows church related special days and seasons, but does not necessarily show government holidays.

Teacher side note: a lectionary also shows specific Bible readings for each Sunday in the year.

Get the  6 main pages plus the yellow and blue Special Days Addition sheet if you want to add other Special Church Dates within the wheel. Write them in and include the date.

The direction of the arrow shows the flow of the seasons, and this wheel is shown in it's correct order.