Kid's Trinity Pyramid

Kid's Trinity Pyramid

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Children's Lesson about God as Three in One - the Trinity Pyramid

Trinity Pyramid

Learn about our trinity or triune God: 3 in 1

the 3 job titles = one whole

Several choices depending on how much time you are allowing for this activity.

About the words "Triune and Trinity" for kids:

"The Trinity" usually means The Father, Son Jesus and Holy Spirit combined as God.

"Triune" is from latin combination three as one - or trinity. Triune is pronounced as try-yoon.

"Triune and Trinity" are pretty much special church words hardly ever used for other purposes.








Blank version shown above

Preschool 4 and kindergarten can do it - but their comprehension of what it is about will vary greatly- you can use it as simply 3 names for GOD. Also applies to (early) 1st grade

(Grade 2-8)

Triune God: 3 in 1 or 3 names based on the job.

We use a lot of different titles for the same person in our everyday lives and don't even think much about it. Depends on the "job" or the relationship of the other person (observer)

Have each student make a name chart identifying titles for just their mom and dad and see how many "names" you come up with. Here's a start with some possibilities. If a child comes from a one parent household and does not wish to include the absent parent, ask them to use a grandparent or other relative in that space

(christian name) (christian name) Son
Aunt (christian name)
Uncle (christian name) Spirit
Mrs.or Ms. Mr.  

Father, Jesus and Spirit
* For many years, in some denominations, the "Spirit" was called "The Holy Ghost". If you use this name, you may prefer to make the totally blank pyramid. OR use the blank pyramid if you have any other special way you define the trinity such as:

Father, Son and Holy Ghost

Preschool 4 and kindergarten (early) 1st grade see note above

Grades 2-8 can do the chart
Grades 2-6 can do the pyramid

Triune God

Copy of pyramid for each student
Markers or crayons

Choose your pyramid and print enough for your class. Make one ahead of time to show. To color the pyramid or not to color?


1. Color your pyramid if you have chosen a pyramid to color. If you have chosen the fully colored version go to step 2.

2.Cut out the shape.

3.Fold on all dashed lines.
Press and run your fingertips along the folds to sharpen the fold.
The dotted lines should fall between the dashed lines, so just press together.

4. Make all the folds 5. Put glue where it says "Glue" (you can glue the entire area up to the colored spaces for best results)

6. Press the glue together from the inside of the pyramid