Kid's Skinny Paper Easter Bracelets

Kid's Skinny Paper Easter Bracelets

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Make, wear and share these hot craft bracelets

Kid's Skinny Paper Easter Bracelets

Super -FAST Easter craft if you choose the already colored Easter bracelets.


Messages and symbols of Easter to wear on your wrist .

One piece, simple cutting, a little glue and color as you please! Lots of designs.

If you give a sheet to each student, they can choose which bracelets they want to make for themselves, and which they want to make to give to someone else. (Years ago these would have been called "Friendship bracelets").

Two varying thicknesses with 8 designs suitable for boys and girs from grade 2 through 7

The only requirement is that you follow the FITTING instructions.

Grades: (2) 3 through 6


Matthew 28



Copy of the bracelet page for each student
Glue -white glue or glue stick
Markers or colored pencils, and a pencil
Tape - just in case


Print enough copies for each

If you choose the COLORED set, it is a really fast craft for Easter.

If you choose the set to color, it still is pretty quick for each bracelet. How many each student makes, multiplies the time.

1. Color the bracelets BEFORE you cut them apart.

2. Cut on the solid outline. Put your name on the back of the bracelet lightly in pencil

3.FIT over your hand holding the "Fit" end between your thumb and index finger at the knuckle as shown.

4. Roll the loose end over, around and under your hand to end up OVER your thumb, until you are over the dotted line area somewhere in the glue end. NOT TOO TIGHT!

5. Count the dotted squares that you can still see.
(You can see 4 dotted squared in the photo above)

6. Mark where the decorated end overlaps the dotted squares end. (Or ask someone else in the class to mark it while you are holding it snugly, but not tight.


7. Glue from your mark to the end where it says "GLUE"

8. Put a dot of glue on the BACK of the OTHER END.

9. Put it together overlapping the decorated end over the dotted line end.

10. Done