Kids Propeller Strips Christmas Ornament

Kids Propeller Strips Christmas Ornament

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This kids Christmas ornament has a break in the middle of construction for a moment of extra fun and a twist on materials.

Kids Propeller Strips Christmas Ornament

This is about 2.4 inches high when done.

It's a hoot to build as midway through you can "Fly" the propeller.

It's round! Made of 4 double ended propeller blades to decorate and put together.

3 versions - ready-to-color ornament or already colored ornament or totally plain version for special creativity.

This is larger and more complex than our propeller core ornament.

Grade 3 through 8th grade


Copies of an activity page for each student

Glue – white glue preferred, or glue stick
A Pencil (may be shared)
Colored pencils or markers
Paper Punch
18 to 20 inch piece of string for each student
2 large beads or macaroni with a hole (beads larger than punch hole) or small paperclips, you can use 2 hard gummy bears, but... be careful!
Optional candle
Optional glitter and glitter pan
Table covering


OPTION: Teacher plan ahead and cut the strings the night before class and work in a dab of glue on each sting end. Lay on plastic or wax paper. Let them dry stiff and straight.

Also make a sample through step 7 to show the class.

Follow instructions in order below:


1A. Color ornament if not already colored.

1B. Glitter if desired.

2. Precut on dashed lines between propeller blades for easier final cuts.

3. cut all propeller blade pieces on heavy solid lines and mini straw box.

4. Put glue on mini straw glue space. Make mini straw by rolling pencil as shown. Tape to hold glue. Remove pencil. 5. Punch holes in all small circles on propeller blade strips. (Both ends and middle) Go On

6. place one propeller blade strip decorated side up on your table covering. Put a dot of clue on the center 0.

7. Put a second propeller blade strip across the first one. Be sure you do not have the same design next to each other. Match the center circle opening.

8. Put a dot of glue on the center 0.

9. Add a propeller blade strip in-between a pair already on the table and put a dot of glue on the center 0.

10. Put the last propeller blade strip in-between the last pair.


11. Gently pick up the whole propeller to make sure it is not glued to the table or table covering.

12. Get your string and a bead. Put the bead on the string. (Side note: Though not preferred, if you have no big bead or macaroni, or small paperclips, you can tie a dry gummy bear in the middle of the string. It would have just enough "Give" to tie it snugly and not fall out.But not so tight that you cut it in half.)

13. Even up the ends. Tie the bead in the center of the string just by crossing the string and looping the ends over each other. If using a gummy bear, make a snug knot.

14. If you have a candle, press the ends of the string into the unlit candle and pull out to coat the tips with a bit of wax. Repeat if needed to keep the ends from fraying if you did not prepare the string in advance. This is not a foolproof method, but it helps stiffen ends and inhibit fraying. Squeeze your fingers on the string to the ends, pressing the wax into the string fibers.
(See plan ahead glue tips)

15A. Take both ends of the string and put them through the center hole in the propeller from the colored side to the uncolored side. Lay it all on the table

15B. BREAK – at this point if you pull the string sideways in the air the whole propeller will twirl and it is a lot of fun. 16. (Optional) put a tiny dab of glue at the center 0 on the blank side.

17. Set your straw near the center hole.

18. Take both ends of the strings and push them gently through the straw. Be patient.

19. Take any propeller blade end and put the strings through it’s hole from the uncolored side out to the colored side.

Let the blade bend.

20. Put a dab of glue on the 0 that has the strings through it.

21. Repeat steps 19 and 20 for all the blades. It does not matter what order they are in.

22. Press all the ends down towards the straw.

23. Add the other bead to one string and press it all the way down to the straw.

24. Tie the string and pull the tie all the way down, pressing the bead as close to the straw as possible without ripping anything.. Double knot the string.

25. With the free ends of the string, tie them together over a glue stick or fat marker or 3 fingers of another student to make a loop.