Old fashioned Paper Chain

Old fashioned Paper Chain

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Kids Old Fashioned Christmas Paper Chains

finished chain

Special preschool set just for beginners.

Three sets for older kids!

"Easy peasy". Easy cutting. Simple coloring or no coloring.

The simplicity of the old fashioned paper garland has a tad of excitement added in our chain link designs. Add a little of your own personality if you like too.

The chain parts are sometimes called "links" or "loops" or "rings".

Each "link" or "loop" or "ring" can have a unique design or color.

The PDF and Word sheet of chain makes a length of about 10 and a half inches of finished chain. The chain is usually used as a garland on a Christmas tree or hanging over a window or on a wall.

Feel free to reduce any chain pattern page on a copier for older kids or adults.

Make as many links as you desire or have time for. This is a good fill-in time activity that can be kept in the room and added to each week during Advent to decorate your room, room tree or sunday school tree. Of course you can send the garland home too.

Special design for Preschool 3 (with simple cutting skills) through Kindergarten, and other patterns for 1 sthrough 4th grade at this size pattern.

Advent and/or Christmas

Copies of the activity page or pages you want

pencils and colored pencils, markers, or crayons
White glue or glue stick - glue stick is great!
  - optional - tape if using really wet glue
  - optional - glitter

Choose which one and go!
No other special preparation.

Identify the ends of the Strip to your class - one end is the GLUE END and the other end is simply "the other end"






1. Color except in the space where it says "Glue" - do not color" - do not color there 2. trim away around all 4 to begin.It will make it easier to cut the strips.
cut glue
3. Cut apart the strips and put your name in pencil on the back of all of your strips 4.Put glue on the glue end of the first strip. This will be YOUR KEY LINK.
key link get next strip

5. bring the glue end around and under the the other end.


6. Get the next strip and put glue on the glue end.

At this time, you can dab A LITTLE glue with a Q-tip on the face of the strip and sprinkle glitter on it while holding it over a glitter pan*.

put it through
7. Put the key link on the table on its edge as shown. Pick up your new strip in the air and turn it over. (Be careful not to touch the table or the inside of the link with the glue.) Put the strip face down through the first link. .
ends together repeat

8. Bring up both ends. (the first link should sit on the table pretty well with your strip in it.) Bring the glue end under the other end and press.

If you are using really wet or slippery glue, you can add a bit of tape on the inside at the joint for security til the glue dries.

9. Repeat the last 2 steps with another strip and continue until you have used all your strips.

If you are adding two or more students chains together - withhold one strip to use to bind two chains together. You would put one strip through theKEY LINK of two chains.

length .

10. One page makes a length of chain about 10 and a half inches long.

If you shrink the pattern, the length of chain will be shorter and narrower.

11. You are done!

Below are two pages of links joined.