Kid's Easy Paper Easter Basket to Make

Kid's Easy Paper Easter Basket to Make

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Kid's Easy Paper Easter Basket to Make

The basket is a recepticle to accept new life - the baby chick, and the chick is a reminder of the new life we are promised through Jesus.

One piece, simple cutting and a little glue and you have a delightful Easter basket.

Several basket patterns to color - and a basket to completely decorate yourself. Finished basket size 6 inches tall by 3 inches wide, by 1.5 inches.

The cute little pop-in chick is optional - or do it another Sunday all by itself.

Here's a complex notion for older kids - we are the basket. We accept Jesus and get new life. The baby chick represents the new life we will get.

Grades: P4, K, 1, 2, 3 (cutting skill needed or pre-cut)

Grade 4 and 5 will like the do-it-yourself version best.


Matthew 28


Copy of basket page for each student
Glue -white glue or glue stick
Crayons or markers
Copy of a chick for each student (6 to a page)
Tape - just in case


Print enough copies for each child of the Easter basket, and of the chick if you want to add it.

Teachers could pre-cut the inside of the basket handles for smaller children who can otherwise cut the outline.

Cut carefully. If a handle does get cut, just stop and tape it on the inside of the basket before continuing.

Do not use real long blade scissors.

Colors: |If possible remove all the dark colors from the box or tub or whatever container you have for colors. It's ok if there are fewer choices as long as there is at least one per child. (It is a good lesson on sharing too) . Leave light, bright or pastel colors. Be sure to remove black and brown, and dark blue. Easter is a joyous and bright time.

1 2 3

4 5 6

7 8 Refold if needed after coloring basket. 9

10 11 12

13 Cut on heavy line only 14 Color 15 Pop in the basket