Coloring Cornucopia

Coloring Cornucopia

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Kid's cornucopia to Color

horn of plenty

A Cornucopia is also known as a horn of plenty. A horn of plenty is a symbol of having all we need - and more.
Usually it is a large horn-shaped container overflowing with fruit, vegetables, nuts or wealth (like gold coins perhaps). Being filled with fruit, vegetables, nuts usually is showing gifts of the earth from God - that God has given us "plenty".

Thanksgiving Psalms 118:1 --- 100 --- 111--- 30:11 and 12 --- 69:30 --- 70:4 --- 28:7 --- 95:2 --- 106:1 ---147:7


Thanksgiving Coloring page

Copies of the page for each student

Markers, colored pencils or crayons

Things to do in addition to coloring:

You are ready to go!

You can ask the class to point out the horn. Ask the children to identify the fruits and nuts and vegetable. Have the children find the words and letters. The children can connect the dots for each letter.