Kid's Bible Story Finder

Kid's Bible Story Finder

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Children's Bible Study Information
Help! How do you find Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Adam, Eve and other great people in Genesis the Bible? Use our People finder!

Kid's Bible Story Finder

The book of Genesis contains many of the great Old Testament stories and people including the Patriarchs. This Story Finder fills the gap where there had been very few ways for children to find any specific stories or people in the Bible.

Bible stories and people are listed in Alphabetical order so they are easy to find. The Chapter in Genesis is clearly marked next to the story or name, and often the specific verse or verse that starts the story is shown.

Have each child keep their copy of our Bible Story Finder handy during your Old Testament studies.

Children's main Genesis stories:
-Creation stories including Adam & Eve and the Garden of Eden   with the fruit and snake
-Who are the Patriarchs in the Bible: Abraham (Abram), Isaac, -Jacob (Israel) and Joseph
-Noah and Flood, including Noah builds the Ark and God gives   us the rainbow as a promise
-The Tower of Babel
-Jacob and Esau - "who's got the blessing?"
-Jacob's sons begin the 12 tribes of Israel
-Joseph's life story including what is known as the coat of many   colors

Though the words of different Bible versions may vary, fortunately, the verses are universally numbered with extremely few exceptions.

Teacher note: Some Old Testament more adult stories or parts of stories have been omitted from the list, but some of the remaining stories do contain issues of childbearing, vaguely knowing people in a "Biblical sense", murder, and trickery.

Grade 2 - 8

Bible Teaching Aid Help in finding Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Adam, Eve and other Old Testament people and stories!


Copies of all 4 activity Pages for each student
1 blank sheet of paper for each student

Print or print and copy activity page

1. Look at the pages! Under the Words "Person or Story", the people and their stories are listed alphabetically. For example, to find a story about Joseph, just look down the list until you come to Joseph. You will find many story "references" - meaning places to look in the Bible to find this story.
2. Create your own personalized cover for your Bible Story Finder including the title, Bible Story Finder and your name.
3. Staple it at the top left corner only.

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