kids Achievement Medals

kids Achievement Medals

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Award these colorful medals for any purpose. Either teachers can make them up, or partially make them and let the kids color them.
There's room for one word on the medal!

kids Achievement Medals

Multi-purpose- use for study or other Achievement or attendance awards. Or like Joshua, be a soldier for God. Space for one or so word per medal - or very tiny printing.

In many of the armed services great leader's jackets are decorated with medals they have earned for doing special things. This whole group of colorful medals is referred to as "Salad". We are going to make a "Salad Bar" out of a popsicle stick for adhering several medals. But you can do just one at a time and clue on individual pinbacks.

Right: Salad bar on uniform
They can overlap if you have bunchs!

Teacher print the award name as shown below, and let the kids color the ribbon.

- AWARD FOR LEARNING BOOKS OF THE BIBLE (Individual book medals (it's a lot) (Print Book name on medal)
- AWARD for learnig New Testament and Old Testament books of the Bible
(Print Old Testament or New Testament on Medal)
- AWARD for learnig the Disciples (Put a disciple name on each medal or "The Disciples" on one medal)
- AWARD for learning the Prophets (Print "Prophets on one medal)
- AWARD for learning the patriarchs (Putt "Patriarchs" on one medal)
- AWARD for knowing the 12 tribes of Israel (12 tribes)
- AWARD for learning a parable (Print tiny "parable of ____)
- AWARD for Sunday School Attendance (for a certain period)
- AWARD for being kind (Print Kindness)
- AWARD for being helpful (Helpful)

- AWARD for learning any topic you are studying.

USE SYMBOLS on the medals

- AWARD for learning about Easter - Draw a cross on the medal.
- AWARD for learning the Christmas Story - Draw a star on the medal.

Summer Complete Grades: To make grade K thru 6th grade
Not suitable for younger preschool children due to the pinback.

Copy of the medals strip for each student
There ar 2 sets per page - best to use card stock
Popsicle sticks and one to two inch pinbacks (it is possible to use 2 inch safety pins, but tricky to have them stay on.

We offer precolored medals if teachers just want to hand them out!

Kids should just make their own Salad Bar with their name on the back.

Teacher: Copy or print on heaviest weight paper or card stock.

Get popsicle sticks and pinbacks

Precut the 2 sets per page or continue

and/or precut just one medal that you will be awarding.

Best if teacher adds word so it fits in the space.





(If teacher is giving out an entire strip)
1 Precut the rectangle around each medal.
2 Color now
3 Cutout

4 Make salad bar by simply gluing pinback in center of popsicle stick. Let dry. You can use white glue or hot glue, or get self adhesive pinbacks.

Put your name on the back.



5 Option here is to glue one inch wide pinback directly onto medal (if card stock has been used ) Uses a lot of pinbacks.

You can try a two inch saftey pin on the popsicle stick, but you need to tape around and over the stick to make it hold on AND allow gluing to it on the front. Some Masking tapes work wound 2 or 3 times around the stick and open safety pin. Hot glue does not work unless you embed the stable side of the pin standing up in a whole lot of glue.


6 you can overload the sald bar and overlap the medals as needed.