Paper Plate Ornaments

Paper Plate Ornaments

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Kid' Paper Plate Ornaments of Peace, Love and Joy

Message Banner strips

Easy as pie!

You can choose either the 9 inch plate (8.5 to 9 inches)or the 7 inch plate (6.25 inch to 7 inch) message banner strips for paper plate ornaments.

This works with paper plates or foam plates, colored plates or white plates. At this time of the year, some paper or foam plates come in solid colors - they work great with or without glitter. All plates are not created equal! the banner strips allow for size variations.

There are versions of this Christmas Ornament for younger children with early learning cutting skills to do only a couple of straight lines. For older children the pattern has a bit of shape cutting or more detailed design.

P4-1 and 2-6

Advent and Christmas messages


Copies of the message banner strip for each student

Either White or solid color:
a 7 inch paper or foam round plate (6.25 inch to 7 inch cake plate, pie plate or luncheon plate)
a 9 inch paper or foam round plate (8 to 9 inch regular plate)

Glue (white glue)
Paper punch

Yarn or string to add a loop
or large paperclip

Option - Glitter, glitter glue or chunk metallic confetti (like giant glitter of mixed colors)
Fine line markers, or crayons, or colored pencils

Note with slightly smaller size plates than exactly 7 or 9 inches, you have to dry fit the banner message strip and need to fold back a little more paper than shown at the dashed line.

Banner message strip does not touch glitter. With a slighlty smaller plate, if needed, fold more over the edge

Just a dot or two on
opposite sides of the
rim will do.

Drag thru lip glue-not glitter