Jesus Lst Supper, Maundy Thursday, the beginning of communion

Jesus Lst Supper, Maundy Thursday, the beginning of communion

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Lent: Children's Bible Lesson Support for The Last Supper

The Last Supper with Jesus. Jesus was celebrating the passover with his team of Apostles.
Very large activity and coloring page spreads over two pages.

Jesus Lst Supper, Maundy Thursday, the beginning of communion

Maundy Thursday, is the day during Lent that we remember the Last Supper Jesus had with his original disciples. It is the Last Thursday before Easter.

Children can choose to identify the 12 who shared The Last Supper with Jesus. Leonardo Da Vinci did not name them, though scholars afterwards guessed who each one was, so the children are free to think about each person at the table and decide who they think they are. This is an excellent Apostle review.

If you are not familiar with our easy way to remember the first 12 Apostles names, see our key and memorization rap.

This Last Supper activity also asks what 2 things to eat and drink were most imortant at this meal, opening up the subject for teacher discussion as the bread in remembrance of Jesus' body and the wine in remembrance of the blood of Jesus.

Jesus was gathered with His disciples to celebrate Passover, a Jewish celebration of their freedom from the Egyptians many years before, but this special meal became important to Christians as The Last Supper, and is repeated in church with bread (or wafers) and wine (or grape juice), as communion.

Share the background of the picture: Leonardo Da Vinci painted the best know picture of the Last Supper around the time Colombus found America, so it was over 1400 years since these men lived. He painted the Apostles as he imagined they looked like. He painted it on a wall in a church building (church of Santa Maria delle Grazie)in Milan, Italy, where it still can be seen today. You can download the full-color painting if you wish to show your class. Compare the drawing to the painting...can you see each person?

Grades: 1 through 5th grade

Lent activity

Matthew 26:17-25, Mark 14:12-25, Luke 22:1-35, John 13:21-30

Copy of both activity pages for each student
Markers or crayons
Pencils or pens

Print enough copies of both Last Supper pages for your class.

1. Cut off the right edge of page 1 at the solid gray line.
2. Put glue on page 2 where shown.
3. Put page one over page 2 and match jesus arm.
4. Answer the question. Complete the names for each letter.
    Write in the Apostles name's over their heads.
5. If the glue is dry, color the Last Supper picture


This page opens the door for you to discuss any of the related ideas:

The Last Supper as communion with bread (or wafers) and wine (or grape juice) and what Jesus gave up for us.

The Last Supper as Passover - as celebrated when Moses led his people out of Egypt. Exodus 12, Numbers 9:1, Deuteronomy 16:1-8

Lent - the days of preparation before Easter.

The Last Supper is especially celebrated on Maundy Thursday - a special day in Lent to remember Jesus, this meal, and what happened after the meal. But The Last Supper is also remembered every time communion is given in church.

Judas - his betrayal before and after this meal.