Jacob's Ladder, Stone and Angels

Jacob's Ladder, Stone and Angels

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Jacob's Ladder, the Angel and Stone

Learn Jacob's story and re-create it in a tableau with the ladder, an angel or angels going up or down the ladder and the stone that Jacob used as a pillow.

Grades: 2 through 6

Old Testament Bible story Jacob's Ladder

Genesis 28

Teacher instructions for discussion:

Teach about a ladder and our ladder to heaven:

ASK: Has everyone seen a ladder?
ASK: What is a ladder used for? (for getting up higher than you can reach from the floor or ground!)
ASK: Do you know what the "rungs" are on a ladder? They are the pieces you put your feet on the
stand and climb a ladder!) Point them out.
ASK: Do you know what the pieces that go up and down are called?
(They are known by 2 names: stringers or stiles)
ASK: Do you know how to climb a ladder? (Face towards the ladder)
ASK: IF someone was watching you climb a ladder, what part of you would they see? (Your back)
ASK: In the story, what was Jacob's ladder for? (refer to the Bible passages)

God provided a way to heaven. Jesus is our ladder to heaven.

Material Checklist

Copies of the ladder for each student
Angel for each student (there are 4 to a page)
Pencils or pens or markers

Do not use lightweight paper....at least medium weight paper - standard US 20 lb printer paper

Please construct the ladder as shown. The sequence and plan here makes it sturdy enough to stand.

1. Cut on the solid line around the large rectangle 2. Fold ON all dashed lines starting at the plain end of the paper where shown.
Fold under each piece as you go. The will all fit inside each other.

(Note start at the end WITHOUT the inset box)
2a.(Do not fan-fold or accordian fold)

2b Continue folding it all 3. Cut through ALL THE LAYERS on the line around the inset box. 3a. remove the cut pieces

4. Open and flatten the ladder. Write your name on a "rung" or on the side.
Write "Jacob's Ladder and the reference "Genesis 28:12" on a rung or on the side.
5. Turn the paper FACE DOWN on the table. Turn up a long side of the paper
until you see the first dotted line.
Fold on the dot dotted line.
6.Turn up the fold until you see the second dotted line. Fold on the line.
Make sure you have "Sharp" creases by gently rolling a pencil over these side folds.
6b. End view of folded ladder when done ....re-open folds to get this shape- do not keep flattened as it likely WILL NOT STAND if all flattened. 7. Do the same on the
    opposite edge of the
8. Cut out the ovals with the angels. Or older kids can cut out the angel shape.
Lay down your ladder. You may open the side folds, or if you are very gentle you
can put the glue on the ladder without unfolding it.

9. With the glue on the ladder where you want it, put on an angel or two at the most-along the stringers, stiles or on the rungs - but do not cover your words. Fix the ladder sides. 10. Take the scraps paper from the ladder and gather it up so the long pieces are together.
Roll up the long pieces and then crumple them hard. This will make a nice "Stone"
for Jacob's pillow!

- If treated gently, Jacob’s ladder can stand against a wall or object!