I'm a Little Christian

I'm a Little Christian

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I'm a Little Christian


Fish and cross to color and talk about. JESUS dashed line letters to trace.

Teacher instructions:
Hold up an activity coloring page

These 2 signs and the letter group- count them - mean Jesus!
if anyone knows what the cross is by pointing to it.This one is a cross.
if anyone knows what the fish is by pointing to it.
This one is a fish.

If you wore fish or cross jewelry, point it out to the children. If you did not, as if the children ever saw anyone wearing a fish or cross?

it means the person is telling you they follow Jesus!

Some of Jesus helpers had been fishermen - and Jesus told them they would be "Fishers of men"! - They would be fishing for men! Is that silly? It sounds silly at first, but he meant he would be gathering together people to teach them about how God wanted them to treat one another.

Toddler 2's through Kindergarten

Christian Symbols, Jesus

Fish symbol as being a follower of Jesus is not directly found in the Bible, but fish are referenced in Mark 1:17 Matthew 12:40 Matthew 14:17 Luke 5:6 Luke 24:42
John 21:6

Copy of the activity page for each student
Crayons or markers

If you have a cross pin or necklace, wear it to Sunday School today. If you have a fish lapel pin, wear it to Sunday School today.

Print or print and copy activity page for each student and one for the teacher.

Color the Signs (or symbols) for Jesus.

Trace Jesus' name.

Remember to tell your parents about signs for Jesus.