Good Egg Easter Door Hanger

Good Egg Easter Door Hanger

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Good Egg Easter Door Hanger


The ribbon is optional .

If you are short on time, an already colored set is provided.

Share your family's joy and the message of Easter in your house or to the neighborhood.

Hang the family greeting in your house or facing out a window or on a door.

No matter how big or small a family is, this will work!
This craft includes the whole family

The hanger collar looks like it drapes over the hanger, but it only looks that way! It tricks your eye. Just match up the front and back carefully.

There is a tag line on one choice below. It says "from the good eggs who live here" below Happy Easter. There is a plain one too.

Traditionally eggs at Easter represent the "new life" Christ promises. Here we have double meaning to the eggs - the good egg, and new life!


A Good egg is a friendly, old way to say a person is nice, kind and or helpful. This way to identify or describe a good person originally came from its opposite, "rotten egg" "or bad egg", which was English school slang in the 1800's for someone not nice. Tell someone they are a "Good egg" today!

front uncolored


ART NOTE: Some movable sculpture is known as a mobile. Maybe you have seen one hanging in a building lobby or on a stand or in an art museum.

This craft is art as a Stabile: A stabile is one kind of stationary abstract sculpture, developed by the 20th-century American artist Alexander Calder. It usually hangs or is held up on a stand or hook, but does not move! (stabe -eel)

Luke chapter 24

grades 1-6 (Bigger eggs option for grades 1 and 2 or other needs)

Sunday School Kids Easter Craft

Special material needed: one hanger for each student.

Copies of front and back collar for for each student

Markers or crayons
Glue (white glue would be better than glue sticks)
Clear Tape
One hanger for each student - either plastic or metal
box Optional - Ribbon - 36 inches long, 2 inches wide.

Optional - larger eggs for easier coloring and use

box Backup - tape

For the instructions, the piece with "Happy Easter" is called the front of the collar, and the piece with "He is risen" is the back of the collar. You can reverse this by following the special note #9 below


Follow these instructions and it will be VERY EASY.


1. Cut out and color all the pieces. LEAVE the empty blank space in the egg BLANK so you can print a name on it. If you need larger eggs, print, cut and color the larger egg separate sheet. Explain that the blank space will be for a name of a person in your family.

back of front

2. The front piece says "Happy Easter". Turn the piece over so it is face down. Fold the tabs back on the front piece.


fold glue3. Dab glue dots on the tabs. Not too much!

Leave it where it is.

You will be making a "Collar"

4.back to back

Align carefully.
Be careful that the glue does not go beyond the tab.

Add a touch of tape if the glue is slow to set or just for added strength.


5. Slide the collar over the neck of the hanger (hook). It hangs freely.


6. Print one name on an egg. Make an egg for each person in your family. We do this now because we want to focus on our family rather than the coloring now.


7. Fold the tabs on the dashed lines.


face down8. Turn the eggs face down on the table. Open the tab flat.

9. Note: For the instructions, the Happy Easter side is the front. If you would like the "He is risen" side to be the front, you should decide now and reverse the following instructions for the eggs to face the "He is risen" side.

(If the collar is loose, you can likely turn it around at any time. But it depends on how carefully you glued the tabs)


10. Put the hanger face down on the table. Slip the eggs behind the straight part of the hanger. SPACE evenly. The fold belongs right at the hanger.


11. NOW glue the back of the tab. Fold the tab over the hanger and press to the egg.

If the glue is slow to dry, add a bit of tape on the back to secure until dry.


12. Finished!


OPTION: If you want to dress it up, you can tie a bow on it.

You will need a 36" long piece of 2" wide ribbon.

OPTION: There is a set of larger eggs if you would prefer them.

The collar may fit different hanger styles a little differently - that's OK!