God's Supply Chain to You

God's Supply Chain to You

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Businesses have used the supply chain idea for many years! Let's move it to the Sunday School and apply it to God who is the ultimate supplier of everything!
God's Supply Chain


God’s Supply Chain to You
Thank God for all things
How God provides it all

Not all children make the mental bridge that God is the source of all things - even technological things. This activity gets children understanding how it all works and gets to the "roots".
(If you buy something at K-Mart or Wal-Mart, where do you suppose they get it from?)

Here is one of our examples of how God is the source of everything we have:

A turkey or chicken you're going to have for dinner:
GOD > Made the first chicken and turkey (blank link 1) > the farmer provides a place for chickens and turkeys to grow and have families (blank link 2) > the butcher kills and cleans the chicken or turkey and prepares it for the grocery store (blank link 3) > The store sells it to you or your mom

Two other examples are provided, PLUS you can come up with several topics or items and re-create their chain. Some chains are longer than others -- the chain back to God for a computer would go all the way back to petroleum to make the plastic case it come in and gold from mines deep in the ground for some of the connectors.

That's why we thank God for EVERYTHING!
No matter what you can think of, it begins with what God created. We can only manipulate it, heat it, cool it, bend it, and change it, combine it, and so on.

Grades 3 to 8

Creation, God, God's power, Thanksgiving, God provides for us

Genesis 1 and 2, Luk 12:28, and many more references

Copy of the activity page for each student which is page one of the MS Word download
Page 2 of the Word document is the blank chain
Pens, or pencils

Print 1 page one and print and copy enough activity pages for each student and several for the teacher.

Teacher instructions are on page one

Write inside the links of the chain the steps or links from God to the "end product" and you!