God's Berry Wreath to color

God's Berry Wreath to color

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Kid's coloring page that spans kindergarten through 6th grade.

Teachers Guide for special learning coloring page.

God's Berry Wreath to color

Age versatile: From kindergarten though 6th grade.....option for older kids - they can color doodle while you talk!

Coloring page with berry wreath

The wreath, a circle, always reminds us of God. No beginning, no end, always, endless!

God made lots of berries of many beautiful colors.

Sure you could color this wreath with all red berries - the perfect Christmas wreath with only cranberries or holly berries, but:
1 that could be boring or
2 you would use up all your red markers!

So here's the deal.
Here you have a wreath with smooth, round berries.

Learn about God's smooth, round berries, and bumpy ones.

We provide the berry learning pages. Then you can color your wreath. Use only colors for which you know the name of the berry and the color.

If you only know a few berries, we have help for you. There are 3 full color pages of berries to identify and learn the colors. There are smooth, roundish berries people eat, and a page of smooth roundish berries people DO NOT EAT. There is a page of bumpy not round berries that we are NOT using for their colors, but we do need to identify them and see the difference.

Let's learn something new about God's earth while we color!

Not just a plain red wreath. Learn about God's berries! Even if you want to have an all "Red" wreath, think about all the different red berry colors you can use!


K - 6

Sunday School Christmas Coloring page

Copies of the activity pages for each student

Markers or crayons

You can tack up all 3 berry pages or put them on a common table for reference.


1. Print the berry identification pages in color. (shown left)
Print the wreath to color on either a color or black and white printer.

2. Review the names of the smooth, round berries you can eat.
- Ask what color each is.
- Ask for each berry if they have tasted that berry.
- Remind the class God made all the berries.
- Has anyone ever seen a Huckleberry?
- Who knows when and where we might see cranberries?
- Has anyone ever tasted current jelly?
- Who likes blueberries?
- Which do you like better - black cherries or red cherries?
- What is the most likely jelly to eat with peanut butter?

3. Review the names and colors of the smooth, round berries we do not eat.
- Tell what color each berry is.
- Ask if anyone knows any of these berries.
- Has any ever seen any of these?
- You can use these berry colors too because we are not making a wreath to eat!

4 Tell them they can color the wreath with any of the smooth. round berry colors as long as the know the name of the berry of the color they are using.

5. All the berries on our Christmas wreath are smooth, round berries. We are not using colors from berries that are not smooth and round. For instance, we are not using strawberry color! To review these shaped berries, fold the paper on the line and ask the class to identify the berries we are not using.


5. During the coloring, point to a color on a kids wreath and ask what berry that is. Ask several kids.

6. Kids grade 1-4 should write the names of the berries they have used below the wreath along with their name.